FOLLICLE BOOSTER Complete Beard Growth Kit - 6 in 1 - Coverup Your Patchy Beard in 12 Weeks - Roller, Serum Oil (1oz), Balm (1oz), Wash Soap, Cleanser and Comb

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  • COMPLETE 6 in 1 KIT - We want you to have everything under one product; we designed the whole kit to have all the necessary tools, products, ingredients for a proper beard growth journey.
  • COMPLETE BEARD GROWTH COURSE - Make sure you check all the videos we provide when ordering our product. We prepare a series of instructional courses that will offer you all the necessary knowledge.
  • TITANIUM ROLLER - Our Beard Roller for Beard has 540 needles with a length of 0.25 mm, and it's sterilized under UV light before we ship it to you.
  • OUR KEY GROWTH INGREDIENTS - The Beard Growth Oil, Balm and the Cleansing Soap have the necessary ingredients for a healthy beard development, such as Growth Biotin, Vitamins, Oat Peptides, and Capilia Longa.
  • FOLLICLE BOOSTER was created by a dude who as well fought with lousy hair genetics. With this whole kit comes a complete A to Z course, e-Books, and full guidance on your beard growth journey.

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Reviewed on July 13, 2021
Update: Company owner (I'm assuming), Tudor, contacted me regarding my review. It sounds like he sincerely cares about his product and patient satisfaction. He will be sending me an updated schedule booklet to show the changes that are made to align what is on the paper product and the electronic side of the product. I'm impressed by this. The product is easy to use. I do wish there was a scent in the soap and oil though. Updated photos coming in the next couple of months. I have been using this kit for the past 2 months, without minoxidil. Based on my own research, it seems that there are many other companies that offer similar kits, but this seems to be the most cost effective. There are also promotions after purchasing the kit offering a free second kit. I'm assuming this is after a review is made, considering I haven't received my second free kit yet after 2 months. With that said, there are many typos in the actual kit compared to the emails that were sent out. The kit displayed washing the beard everyday, while the emails said to only wash prior to using the dermaroller. So there are some inconsistencies with this product. On top of that, They make it sound like the kit is to only last 6 weeks, but I have enough soap and oil to still continue using for another month, which would come to 12 weeks total. So that sounds like a money-grab tactic. This kit has no scent, which seems weird to me. It makes me feel like I am just applying chemicals to my face. It would be nice if there was a minor scent afterwards, like sandalwood, something musky. Customer service started off strong, but waned dramatically after the 4 week mark of using the kit. There are many inconsistencies here. Perhaps I don't have such blessings for fantastic beard growth, but I have not received such great results as others have. This kit advertises results in as little as 6 weeks, my research shows a consistency of finding results in 6-12 months. Other companies also integrate more scientific explanation into their products, this company doesn't seem to do so well in that. There is much more science to growing a healthy beard than just buying a kit, waiting 6 weeks, and giving up if there are no results.
Reviewed on June 25, 2023
I like everything about it Growing facial hair on my face
Reviewed on March 16, 2023
Got my order fast and it looks very nice. I will be using it according to the calendar that they provided and I will update once I see results.
Reviewed on February 12, 2022
I went to go and get my haircut at the Vietnamese barber like I have been doing for around 16 years. He usually knows that I'm okay with shaving my beard but not to trim the goatee. I let me beard go for awhile and it grew almost to the length of my goat. This recent time he normally grabs my goat and shaves around it so i thought nothing of it when he did it this time but when those clippers started to go across my entire chin I was screaming as loud as possible in my head I knew it was too late to fix what had been done. long story "short" I was on the look out for a product that would help me get my goatee back faster and that's when I found the "Serum Beard Growth Kit". I watched the videos on YouTube and followed the instructions and to my amazement I started to see results. Some maybe reading this and thinking oh his beard is just growing back, but that is not the case. I have always had a patch on my chin under my lip that never has grown in and I would constantly have to trim the other side to make it even. Now after a week of using the kit I now have little tiny stubbles growing where the have never grown before. As my written testimony I can honestly say that this product is working for my and I will be continuously using it for the next year. I will be taking photos each month to visually see the results from start to finish. HUGE THANKS to the creators of the "Serum Beard Growth Kit"!!!
Reviewed on October 19, 2021
I've been using this product for a little over a month now and I can see slight improvements already. I can tell that this product takes a lot of time and patience, so keep that in mind. With that being said, the beard oil is great and I love the citrus smell of the soap. The beard comb, however, is practically useless due to its very wide teeth. The only person I could see making use of the comb is someone with a very long beard, which is likely no one who is buying this beard growth kit. If you want better use of the comb, I found that it works well as a soap saver holder. I think that this product is one of the best, not to mention the most affordable, beard growth kits out there. Just keep in mind that you aren't going to see any results overnight as it will take weeks if not months to see any improvements in your beard.
Reviewed on April 20, 2021
Initially I bought this as a gift for my husband and I was gonna wait for his birthday to surprise him with it and I ended up wanting to give it to him earlier because of the ratings of this product. My husband is now two weeks into using this product and he has growth in places he’s never had before. I don’t think that it’s necessarily the oil that he’s using I think it’s the fact that it is literally a step-by-step process between derma rolling and then applying the oil that he is seeing results. He was bald in certain places and now he has hair in those places. I definitely recommend I love love love how fast the product works and you should totally try it too.. He has hair under his chin as well as the horizon of his beard and in the middle. He was patchy and now you can see stumbles of hair growing from the derma rolling process kicking. We were skeptical at first because you see a lot of five star reviews and then you receive the product and the product doesn’t live up to the reason you purchased it but this product I won hundred percent came back and I definitely will be purchasing again thank you so much !! Signed happy customer.