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  • Beard Growth Kit for Men Gifts---This beard kit includes all beard products for an effective,fast beard care,beard grooming and beard growth results.Extra 2 Packs beard growth oil and 1* Beard Serum are additionals to this beard gifts set which makes it outstanding,we would encourage you to compare.What's more,the Premium packaging makes it ready for sending as a gift for beard man,him,boyfriend on Birthday,Valentine's Day,Fathers Day,Christmas Day or any other occasion.
  • 2 Pack Beard Growth Oil,Beard Growth Serum---ZENNUTT Beard Growth Oil,Beard Growth Serum provides various hair growth ingredients to help to grow a healthy and full beard,such as Castor oil,Argan oil ect. You won't regret your choice.
  • Beard Wash,Beard Balm--ZENNUTT beard shampoo is mild,conditioner to wash beard without stripping your skin of its own oils.Can be used daily.beard balm are made of high quality Jojoba oil,Argan Oil and Vitamin E to prompt beard growth and control dandruff & split ends,Leaves your beard tidy and in good appearance.No more irritation or flakes!
  • Beard Brush,Beard Comb,Beard Scissors,Storage,E-book: Boar Bristle Brush & Double Side Comb massages facial hair,prompt oil production & keep hair stay smooth.Sharp scissor offers accurate trimming for beard hair to keep you looking damn good!Portable storage bag organizes your beard products easily,Good for travel.The beard e-book tells how to maintain & grow beard fast.A perfect groomed beard will give you the confidence to conquer every goal.
  • Unique Christmas Gift for Men: Growing a Beard has thousand benefits,So every man loves their beard.ZENNUTT The Complete Beard Growth Kit will help men to fix the patchy beard and help grow a charming beard.Meanwhile this beard kit also would be a perfect kit for beard Grooming and Care.Works great for any type of beard,long,short,thick or thin.If you don't know what to send as a gift,Buy him a beard growth kit,Must be a SURPRISED unique gifts for him,Birthday Gift for men,Stocking Stuffers.

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Reviewed on July 27, 2023
I've had trouble growing a full thick beard like I've always wanted, I didn't really believe this product would work. I've been using it for about 2 months now and can clearly see progress where my beard was once patchy. This product really does work just don't expect immediate results. If you're willing to stick with it and use the product like it wants you to, you'll see results.
Reviewed on June 06, 2018
Overall, I am pleased with this beard kit. Personally, I got it mostly for the oil and the balm and those happen to be my favorite parts of the set. I'm going to shortly review each piece of kit on its own. The Beard OIl A very oily oil! It's not thick, a bit more on the watery side. This is good as it makes for an easier application to the beard and allows you to get it down to the roots. My beard is only short medium length at this point, so I can't speak for a medium or long length beard, but I presume it should still be easy to get the oil spread with a brush, such as the one included with the kit. I already condition my beard regularly and used pure argan oil and jojoba oil on their own daily, so my beard had already been well conditioned, but this oil has been working very well in their stead. I know it contains both those oils plus some others and I know the ingredients work. I do have an issue with the dropper for the oil, though. It seems to leak somehow. I've cleaned off the whole bottle and dropper and made sure it had no oil on the outside, yet every time I pick it back up, there is some oil coating the dropper's bulb. It seems it somehow seeps out. Very strange. Not a big deal and it's not like it's spilling everywhere, but it's a little bit annoying. The Beard Balm Pretty nice stuff. It's oily oily oily! It's basically the same ingredients as the included oil (give or take a couple), but with a beeswax base so it can weigh down your beard hairs a bit and make them stick together instead of poking off away from your face. It's has a consistency like petroleum jelly. I find that it does help keep my beard hairs overall together somewhat, but I tend to trim hairs that stick out too much, so it's hard to say how well it works at keeping flyaways down, but I imagine it should do the job based on my experience and knowledge of beeswax and balms. Do note that this does make your beard look oily and shiny. Whether you like this will be a matter of preference. It doesn't stay shiny all day. I do find that it seems to absorb over the day and later on, it looks dry. But do note that if you habitually touch and play with your beard like I do, you will get oily fingers! The Sandalwood Comb It seems good quality. Definitely real wood. I haven't given it much use personally, but that's because I prefer more of a fine-toothed comb because I believe that detangles more and can help get oils in between more hairs. However, the wider tooth layout of this comb makes it so you don't get snagged. Like I mentioned above, my beard isn't super long yet, so this preference is based on that. The wood comb may become much more useful as my beard gets longer, since I imagine the fine-toothed comb I use will start to get snagged more and more as the beard gets thicker. The Brush First thing to point out is that this brush is pretty tiny. If you've ever seen or used one of these handle-less brushes before, then you may be expecting something about the size of your palm that extends a little. This is about half the size of that. The bristles are pretty soft. This will be another matter of preference, but for me personally, I prefer them a bit harder so I can feel them getting down to the skin as I brush the hairs. It's not a bad brush, but not my personal preference. The Scissors Really not much to say about these. They're a cheap little pair of scissor that work well. They're not crazy sharp and they get the job done, but I prefer to use my buzzer. Scissors may be better if you need to get one hair here and there. The Presentation The kit as a whole looks great. This is why I say it would make a great gift. They really did put some thought and money into the packaging. I like how most of the things come in their own boxes within the box and the layout looks great when you open it up. Everything is made with quality materials that feel more expensive than the kit really costs. The outer box comes in a nice sleeve made of a sort of plastic material that looks and feel very premium and the gold accents really add to the premium look. Overall, this is a very nice kit at a darn good price. You could pay this price for just the oil or the balm alone. Whoever you give this to will likely think you spent a lot more on them.
Reviewed on July 22, 2023
Bueno tengo que usar mucho producto para que me crezca la barba o soy pelon
Reviewed on July 22, 2023
I can see the change over time as he uses it!
Reviewed on July 12, 2023
Definitely working and happy with the outcome so far Definitely is working! Was Sceptical but, Definitely seeing a difference!!!! 👌👌👌
Reviewed on May 15, 2023
Not sure about chemicals being from China and all, but overall seems to work well, nice kit.
Reviewed on April 25, 2023
Not entirely sure it works.. but I will say the skin health of my fave has improved greatly over the last month or so!