Beard Growth Kit - Hair Growth & Hair Serum - Beard Growth Oil and Beard Roller - Hair Growth for men - Stimulate Beard Growth with our Beard Serum and Growth Roller

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  • Achieve improved beard growth within 4-8 weeks. Whether you want to grow a beard or need help filling in patchy areas, our Beard Growth Kit delivers the desired results. Our Beard Roller and all-natural Beard Growth Serum work together to activate dormant beard follicles, leading to noticeable growth in just 4-8 weeks.
  • Promote a denser, more nourished beard! Our beard roller serves as the ultimate tool for achieving a full and healthy beard. By creating numerous microscopic channels beneath the skin's surface, it triggers the body's innate healing mechanism. This process enhances blood circulation, delivering vital nutrients to stimulate previously dormant hair follicles. Experience hair growth in areas where growth was previously challenging or nonexistent!
  • Assist in revitalizing your hair growth! This remarkable product goes beyond being solely a beard growth solution; it excels at stimulating hair regrowth in areas that may be experiencing balding.
  • Ideal present for men! This beard growth kit makes for a perfect gift for any gentleman. Whether he aspires to grow a beard or desires to fill in patchy areas, this kit will assist him in achieving a beard that both of you will adore!
  • Crafted Beards is a dedicated company empowering men to discover newfound confidence through their beards. By providing exceptional grooming products and expert guidance, we enable men to cultivate and maintain remarkable beards. We believe that a well-crafted beard can transform a man's appearance, enhancing self-esteem and leaving a lasting impression.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 27, 2023
I know they say wait a cold of months, but I’m not really seeing any progress yet. I like the idea of free extra bottles, but that’s no good if the product isn’t working.
Reviewed on July 23, 2023
Got this for my husband and he LOVED it 10/10
Reviewed on January 02, 2023
My first bottle was passed on to me by a friend who found it too viscous for his taste. I was seeing a dermatologist, showed him the bottle and asked if it would work. After looking up the ingredients, he said it would, but I'd have to adhere to conditions for best results. 1. Shave my beard. Start clean-shave for best results. More direct contact with my skin the better as it would feed my follicles. 2. Close shave everyday. 3. Use the Derma roller every other day. 4. Apply oil every day after Shaving. 5. Do this for at least two months. (He also suggested I take Biotin daily.) Then let beard start growing out again. Since I only had one bottle, I bought a second one and proceeded as he directed. Everything went fine with the exception of a little itchiness from time to time. When I started growing the beard again there was a noticeable difference. First, my beard was always very thin and wispy. I also had some bare spots. Here and there. First thing I noticed was that the hair was much more corse than before. Then I noticed the bare spots were not as prominent. I didn't get that thick lumberjack beard I wanted, but, wow, it really was thicker and fuller than it was! Even my doctor agreed it looked better. You won't get drastic results, but you will get better results than not doing anything at all. I was satisfied overall. Only thing, my beard itched like hell growing back, but only for the first week or so. Think I'll go clean-shaven and doing it all again, curious if I get better results second time around.
Reviewed on June 24, 2022
Well, it's been about two weeks since I started using the derma-roller with the serum and I think it's working pretty great! I also started taking a daily multivitamin and using a beard butter around the same time, so those things could also have helped boost my facial hair growth. The roller is good for what you pay for. I already had a bit of a beard going on before I started using these products, and I found that I needed to push a bit harder to actually get the needles on the roller down passed the hair to my skin. I wish the serum had some kind of fragrance to it. It honestly just smells like oil. It does have a nice thick consistency to it though, and I appreciate that. If you put this on in the morning and want to smell nice throughout the day, then I'd recommend using a scented balm/wax about five minutes after applying the serum. I personally use the roller and serum at night before bed so the lack of a scent isn't too distressing to me, but it discourages me from using the product in the morning. Overall, so far so good! EDIT: It's all fun and games until the roller shatters in your hand while using it.
Reviewed on May 04, 2023
For many years, my struggle has been trying to grow facial hair near the left and right side of my mouth in order to connect my beard. I’ve tried other oil products but I never saw improvements. So I decided to try this kit in hopes of a product finally making a difference. After two months of daily use (beard roller and oil) I’m happy to share that hair has stared to grow on each side. It’s not a lot of growth (yet) but it’s finally connecting. I will continue to use this product and feel confident the results will be even better in 2-3 months!
Reviewed on January 18, 2023
This product is amazing, within 2 weeks I noticed my patchy beard was connecting to my mustache and thickening up everywhere. The derma roller takes less than a minute to use, may cause irritation in the first week but once you get past that it is amazing. My only grip with the product is when I use it on my mustache, the smell of this product lingers with me ALL DAY. It's scent isn't terrible but it is noticeable.
Reviewed on July 30, 2023
As someone who has been on a journey to achieve a fuller and more robust beard, I had high hopes for the Beard Growth Kit, which included a Hair Growth Serum, Beard Growth Oil, and a Beard Roller. Unfortunately, my experience with this kit has been less than satisfactory, and I have not seen the desired improvements in my beard growth. After using the Beard Growth Kit diligently for six months, I am disappointed to report that my beard remains patchy and uneven. Despite the promises of hair growth and thicker beard coverage, I did not observe any noticeable changes or enhancements. The Beard Roller, in particular, was an uncomfortable experience for me. The burning sensation of using the roller on my face was not worth the potential benefits, especially since I did not see any positive results from incorporating it into my beard care routine. Furthermore, the Hair Growth Serum and Beard Growth Oil did not provide the expected improvements in my facial hair growth. While I appreciated the inclusion of natural ingredients and oils, they did not deliver the desired outcomes for a fuller and more robust beard. While I understand that individual results may vary, my personal experience with the Beard Growth Kit was disappointing. The lack of significant improvements and the discomfort associated with using the Beard Roller made this kit not worth the investment. In conclusion, based on my own experience, I cannot confidently recommend the Beard Growth Kit for those seeking significant improvements in beard growth. While some individuals may have had positive results, my personal journey with this kit did not yield the desired outcomes. If you are looking to enhance your beard growth, I would suggest exploring other beard care options with proven effectiveness and positive customer reviews.