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  • 【BEARD GROWTH SUPPLEMENTS SET W/ EXTRA BEARD Growth Serum】2022 Upgraded premium beard kit includes Beard Foam,Beard Growth Serum,Beard Growth Oil,Balm,wooden Comb,Scissor,Brush,Travel Bag,E-Book.Our beard growth serum is formulated with essential vitamins and proteins to help grow facial hair stronger,faster and healthier,you can see amazing results in a month.
  • 【After Shave Foam/Shampoo】Unlike those conmom beard shampoo, you will save the hassle of adding water and rubbing with this beard foam, just dispense 2 pumps and distribute evenly through beard.Deodorizes your beard and absorbs quickly helping to tame,control, clean and reduce itch & beardruff, Instantly makes your beard appear thicker,keeps beard moisturized. Rub foam into the skin to nourish hair at the roots to help facial hair grow faster and thicker.
  • 【Beard Softener Oil and Beard Balm】: Made from 100% pure natural Ingredients like Argan oi,Vitamin E,Jojoba oil which promote beard growth faster,thicker and fuller,Moisturize the scalp,clean beard follicles and remove dandruff,protecting the healthy hair follicles to absorb nutrients. Tame beard w/ long term nourishment.The light sweet orange scented make you stand out from the crowd.
  • 【Beard Buddy Comb and Brush Trimming Scissors】: The dual sided comb is anti-static, made of high quality sandal wood offering the best rapid grooming experience with both its fine and coarse teeth for different hair types.The boar bristle beard brush is Pocket-size, fits perfectly in your jeans' pocket or bag pocket,you can pull through oils,balms,softener,serum and any stuff or groom your facial hair in anytime,anywhere.The stainless steel sharp scissor gives best trimming experience.
  • 【Guide Ebook and Storage Bag】: This e-book summarizes the experience of tens of thousands of bearded men, no need to look anymore, here is how to quickly grow and maintain beards.The storage bag is made of environmentally friendly materials and makes it easy to take on the road, or just keep an extra kit in the office.Perfect as a unique romantic gifts for Dad husband boyfriend mens boys on christmas,birthday,fathers day,valentines day.

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Reviewed on April 20, 2023
Not sure if this is really even making a difference. I’m 27. I’ve been using this for a few months now to fill in some patches. The first couple uses my face was crazy red and itchy but my face shortly adapted. There has been times where it has dried out my face as well ironically being that there’s oil and balm. Some of it smells good. Others have a distinct smell. Not sure if it’s scientifically proven to increase facial hair growth but to be fair they want u to use this product twice a day every day. I just can’t. My face would hate me. I like it for use as I feel like it but every day just fs w my skin too much to follow their instructions so I can’t say for sure. Could be genetics and I gotta wait but what I will say is time has been most beneficial. I still have the same patches but the hairs are a really light blonde and now the Stacie cause I haven’t shaved in 6 months is almost long enough to were with the balm I can almost cover said patches and make it connect. I do not contribute my facial hair growth to this product as I’ve been to this point in past as well without. Thinking of just doing a beard dye and seeing if dying those almost invisible hairs to match will get those “patches” covered better. Not a bad grooming kit. Just wouldn’t buy again myself. Nothing screams spectacular to me. I use ogx to shampoo and condition my beard. I do like the beard shampoo. Wish it had bigger bottle and not a cheap pump that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Wash is prob my fav part. The trim up scissors are nice for hygiene bags as they are rounded so they won’t stab u or your bag. The brush is hella coarse compared to my other beard brush by cremo. Maybe I’m just pick af and got sensitive skin. Maybe it works for u. But they want a lot of effort and time put into using their products that eats up apx 30 minutes in morning and another 30 before bed just to be itchy all day
Reviewed on July 03, 2023
I bought this for my boyfriend for fathers day, he already has a nice beard but he loved these products. This was a great one for sure. He said the shampoo really suds up well too. We haven't used the dermaroller yet although he keeps on me about wanting me to show him how to use it. So that's my fault. Ill come back and update once i get around to that. Oh and this was an excellent price for all the products you get.
Reviewed on May 05, 2023
Just got the product today, took a shower and went to work on my beard. The products have a faint citrus smell, not strong at all even to my wife who is sensitive to smells. Everything seemed to work just fine, bristles on the brush were a bit stiff, but that could easily just be me not used to using a brush on my face. My beard is currently more in control and less 'wild man' looking, so I'm pretty happy so far. The EBook however, is nowhere to be found. There's a bit/ly link printed on the little instruction sheet included in the kit, but no combo of the letters/numbers seems to work. The main problem seems to be that in the font they used a 'l' could be a 1, lowercase L or uppercase i, and the same with 0, o or O.
Reviewed on July 24, 2023
Massage it threw real good
Reviewed on May 30, 2023
Recently, I decided I wanted to take my beard to the next level, so I purchased this beard kit by GoldWorld. It has some good stuff, but it also has some flaws. 1. I suggest taking a screenshot of the directions on the Amazon ad because the pamphlet does not show the order to use the products in. However, it does tell you how to use them and what they are for. It just doesn't specify when or how to use the beard growth vitamin spray. 2. The beard kit also comes with a 0.25mm beard roller. This measurement refers to how far the needles stick out from the roller itself. I suggest rolling your beard twice a day. It should not hurt, and if it does, you may be doing it wrong. 3. All the products in this kit smell great with a light citrus scent, nothing too strong, just right. 4. It also includes scissors, a beard brush, and a really cool wooden comb that helps you trim your beard. All of them are of very high quality. 5. The packaging is awesome. I've uploaded some pictures for you guys to see. Overall, it's a good kit. However, due to the vague directions, lack of step-by-step instructions, and the missing ultimate beard guide book, it loses 2 stars with me. Specially since I don’t know when to use the vitamin growth spray, so I just use it last.
Reviewed on July 02, 2023
It's a great product for the price, great scent and softness for the beard.
Reviewed on June 28, 2023
Great gift Smells good Comes with lots of goodies Quality items Go ahead and get it It's worth it 💯❤️