Billy Jealousy Beard Quencher, Nourishing and Strengthening Moisturizer for Mane and Skin with Shea Butter, Amino Acids and Black Oat Seed, Fights Frizz, Relieves Itch and Flakes, 3 Fl Oz

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    Reviewed on March 19, 2023
    Great value for this beard wash. Love the scent and the non greasy feeling after usage
    Reviewed on January 01, 2023
    I have a very substantial, thick beard and have a hard time finding decent products that can hydrate it. It’s especially hard to find natural products without chemicals. This is a seemingly great product however the rating is because you get an offensively small amount for the cost per bottle. I’ve used it less than 10 times since receiving and the bottle is nearly empty. I hesitate buying again because while it is good, it’s wildly overpriced per use for me specifically. Will probably shop around for a similar product that will suit my use case.
    Reviewed on October 06, 2020
    My dad was a barber and the scent reminds me of the products they use to use when I would visit the barber shop to see my dad! I personally love this scent and actually look forward to applying it every morning! The scent of Billy Jealousy brings back wonderful memories of my dad working away in the barber shop as I grew up! Everyday when I put it on my beard, the itch is gone for the day! Billy Jealousy. leaves my beard looking fuller and much softer! I recommend Billy Jealousy to anyone with a beard! I have not found the "downside" to this wonderful product, but I will keep using it daily and report back if anything developes! Personally, I would not hold my breathe!!
    Reviewed on May 05, 2022
    Pros: great scent, works as advertised Cons: requires an excess amount to work properly. Bottle design leaves a lot of product unreachable when it’s nearly empty. It would be much better if it was funnel-shaped inside. The lid is quite fragile and broke away from the cap the first time I opened it. A simple screw cap would be much better.
    Reviewed on June 16, 2017
    Unfortunately my facial hair is coarse and not especially touchable. I literally spent years and lots of cash searching for a product that would soften and tame my beard, without success until I discovered BJ's Beard Quencher... At last my search is over! I honestly cannot express what a difference Beard Quencher has made in the texture and feel of my whiskers. And it smells SUPER good too! I don't know if Beard Quencher works so well because I also use BJ's Beard Wash (another kick a** product) beforehand, which leaves my facial fur feeling clean AND soft before I apply Quencher. Although this stuff is a little pricey, it is also very concentrated and it does the the job superbly. If you are unsure about parting with your hard-earned cash, indulge yourself a little and... BUY THIS STUFF - IT WORKS!
    Reviewed on March 18, 2022
    Smells great, keeps my beard soft and prevents dryness and itching.
    Reviewed on January 11, 2022
    One of the best products for my daily beard care. Especially in cold climates, keeps my beard hydrated and healthy.
    Reviewed on August 16, 2021
    My dad is a professional Santa and he very specifically asked for this for father's day lol.