Billy Jealousy Beard Oil for Men, Weightless, Low Shine, and Hydrating Beard Moisturizer for Softer Hair, Helps Prevent Itching and Flakes

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    Reviewed on July 15, 2023
    works well...softens my beard..smell is right on..I have to reaply in 4 hrs.after soak in not oily to touch..
    Reviewed on July 02, 2023
    I like the sheen this gives my beard and hair. The smell is ok.
    Reviewed on May 08, 2023
    Nice scent goes with the balm
    Reviewed on April 18, 2023
    Other people will notice makes his beard smells so good
    Reviewed on February 02, 2018
    First things first- when I use beard oil, I first apply a base of coconut oil (when I use a balm, I do the same with Burt's Bees). So, this review is based on the product working with a base of coconut oil in my beard (5 - 6 inches in length). I've used many oils, balms and waxes over the years and as far as impact on my beard, this is as good as if not better than all of them. My big beard looks nicely groomed without looking oily. I did not add any wax and I imagine that doing so would only help with the awesome appearance. Furthermore, I only had to use 1 pump of oil (again, on top of the coconut oil). The only con I am experiencing is the scent. I've had it in my beard for 2 hours now and it is still exceedingly cloying to me. Does that mean you will find it cloying? Not necessarily, But for me, it is way too sweet. That said, my wife has yet to smell it. If she compliments the scent, I will gladly update my review. If she says nothing about it, I will leave it as is. If she finds the scent off-putting, I will note that as well. I'm happy enough with the effect of the product to try other Billy Jealousy oils. The verdict is still out as to whether I would choose this scent again. Peace. UPDATE: Had to ask the wife what she thought; she said it smells sweet, like vanilla frosting. The scent is too strong for me but my beard looks awesome, and she thought so too. Peace. 2nd UPDATE: So I've been using this only once or twice a week or two, and usually with a tobacco scented wax to help with the scent. Today I forgot the wax and my wife noticed immediately. She did not like it. So while we like the way it works, we both find the scent too cloying, for what it's worth. Leaving the review at 4 stars due to how my beard looks when using. Will not be re-purchasing. Peace.
    Reviewed on March 29, 2023
    Great scent and does not feel too oily like some others.
    Reviewed on October 25, 2022
    This is a good thick beard oil. It has a strong vanilla scent. I have used other beard oils that were just as good for much less. Still haven’t found an oil that completely tames the fly away hair. I would recommend this beard oil.