Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Facial Hair Refining Kit - with Beard Wash Beard Control and Boar Bristle Brush for Clean, Hydrated, Soft, Tamed Unruly Mane

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    Reviewed on May 10, 2023
    This smells great and was easy to apply, but unfortunately it didn't work with my skin. My beard felt nice and hydrated using it, but my skin didn't appreciate it. I still love the brush that was in the bundle though. And the scent was very nice
    Reviewed on February 05, 2023
    Smells amazing. Definitely go with the clean scent. 👌🏾 so many compliments. It fades of course but u catch a wiff of it every now and then. Definitely a good purchase. And for $5 more you get the wash and comb. Great deal. Past me 2 months so far. You just need a little dab each time.
    Reviewed on July 06, 2023
    Unfortunately my experience with the cream and wash was far from satisfactory. The packaging felt cheap and flimsy. Once opened, the lids of both bottles broke, rendering them impossible to close again. Shortly after using this stuff, I started experiencing an unexpected and severe bout of cystic acne. After a week, I decided to discard both the beard wash and cream. I regret purchasing these products and would caution others against doing the same.
    Reviewed on February 08, 2016
    This item arrived very quickly, was packed very nicely in packing peanuts. I bought it as a gift for my Honey; he has quite the glorious man mane. Anyway, the shampoo smells great and it leaves his beard super silky. I love it; this is the first product we've found that really softens his beard hair. The beard control stuff is great too. He has tried oils and balms, and he likes those, but this will be great for our week long camping trips where he needs something with little oil in it to control his beard. Plus I think it'll make styling it viking style in braids and beads. This only got 4 out of 5 stars because the brush. It's not great. It's really not even good. I mean, I guess it does the job, but you can tell it's poorly made and mostly synthetic. I'm not exactly sure what etiquette is when it comes to beards and brushing and what is good and what isn't, but even I can tell this is a cheaply made brush. I plan on buying him a brush to replace it, no big deal though. The shampoo and beard control more than make up for it! Anyway, he’s pretty pleased with everything, brush excluded and pretty much agrees with all of the above. Will definitely be reordering this when he runs out (Or just the shampoo and control stuff if I can find just those two in a set together.
    Reviewed on October 28, 2017
    My husbando is a an extremely low maintenance, au natural, t-shirt, flannel and jeans kinda guy- it's why I love him! His "beard care" routine when I met him was to wash it every few days with tea tree Dr. Bronner's and then just shave it every year or so when it got too dry/flaky and unruly. He was always bummed every time he shaved it off, though, and I was too- the beard really suits him. So after I floated the idea of a beard care routine to limited enthusiasm, I just went ahead and bought him this kit. I figured if it was in front of him he'd probably try it, and it was cheap enough that it wouldn't be too big of a loss if he wasn't into it. He was skeptical at first, but gave it a shot; after using the lotion and brush for a few days he LOVED them (especially the brush). Reviewers who say it isn't the best are correct- but it's a good "try out" before investing in a more expensive, $20+ 100% boar bristle brush. My guy has moved on from this kit to other brands and brushes he likes better since, but this kit was the perfect gateway. He hasn't felt the need to shave his beard yet and that makes us both happy!
    Reviewed on April 22, 2014
    Let's start off with the shampoo. The shampoo deserves 5 stars without a doubt. Very little product is needed because it suds up very quickly without very much water. It is a good size bottle, and leaves that unmistakable clean brisk shampoo rinse feeling. The conditioner is even better, and deserves 5 stars as well. Although you need to use more product compared to the shampoo it leaves the beard feeling very soft and reduces frizz and tangles. It was not strong enough to style me beard but worked great in many other areas. The brush is why I am giving this product 4 stars. One side is VERY rough, so rough that is hurts my face when I use it, and use it on my head more than my beard. The other side is ok, it is very soft but the overall quality is just so sub-par. Overall, I recommend the product to anyone, especially if you are new to the beard scene, this kit will get your started on the right foot for a great price that cannot be beat. It will let you know what to look for and not to look for in other facial hair products.
    Reviewed on September 29, 2015
    I received this item this past Saturday, 9/26/2015. I tried it for the first time on Sunday, 9/27, and OMG!!!!! It is FANTASTIC!!!! You only need to use a very small amount of the beard wash (maybe about a pea-sized portion) in the palm of your hand to lather up a bit before washing your beard. It smells great, it cleans the beard without drying it out, and it feels really good against the skin as it cleans the face underneath the beard. And the beard conditioner is great, too! Just a little bit rubbed into your palms before applying it to your beard is all you need. It moisturizes the beard and the face, and it smells nice and clean -- no overpowering (or even a hint of) artificial scent. It leaves my beard soft, smooth, and manageable. Best of all, it leaves my face and beard feeling clean without using the harsher soap that regular shampoos sometimes contain. I will be using this stuff for as long as a I have a beard, and considering how good I look with it (okay, so maybe I'm a little vain), I don't plan on shaving it off any time soon. The boar's hair brush is a little hard at first, but boar bristles are tough and just need a little time to soften with regular use.