Bossman Complete Beard Kit - Men's Beard Oil Jelly, Fortify Shower Conditioner, Balm, Mustache Wax and Comb - Beard Softener, Growth, Care and Grooming Products Kit (Hammer)

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  • Your Complete Beard Grooming Kit: Introducing the Bossman Complete Kit. This mens grooming kit features everything you need to maintain your beard, no matter your style. Includes the Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner, Jelly Beard Oil, Relaxing Beard Balm, MUDstache Training Wax, and a Metal Beard Comb. Comes in six scent options so you can smell like a man's man. Makes the perfect gift for all beard aficionados
  • Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner: Don't be that guy with the dry, scraggly beard. Our all natural beard conditioner goes deep into your pores delivering ingredients such as Aloe and Mango Butter to nourish and hydrate your hair follicles and facial hair. For best results, wash face and beard with shampoo and then apply our beard conditioner lotion directly to beard and mustache 2x per week
  • Jelly Beard Oil: At Bossman, we've created a beard jelly that's a step above traditional beard oils. Our Jelly acts as a beard softener, thickener, tamer, and moisturizer, all in one. It has an increased viscosity, able to form a better bond with your hair follicles, pores, and skin for a faster, thicker growing beard
  • Relaxing Beard Balm: Glides on smooth like butter, our beard balm uses all natural ingredients to trap moisture, vitamins, and essential minerals into your facial hair for superior hydration and nourishment. An essential part of your grooming kit, this balm assists in growing a thicker beard while simultaneously keeping it neat and frizz free
  • MUDstache Training Wax: Whether you have an unruly beard or just want to rock that handlebar mustache, our beard wax will wrangle up your hair and train it into any style you desire. Easy to apply, the water based mustache wax holds up to 24 hours keeping hairs away from your mouth

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Reviewed on April 29, 2023
UPDATE: While not based on my original review but a request to their web-site, they responded within 24 hours, only asked for my receipt and photo of dent, and sent me a new one right away. Bossman is obviously satisfaction driven, as all companies should be. I've discovered Bossman to be of very high quality, and the conditioner is amazing! Their products are top quality, as is their customer service! I can now happily recommend their products, so I did change from 3 to 5 stars, and much deserved ... Almost impossible to remove the lid. I had to used a kitchen lid twister on the bottom while gripping the lid by hand. Once off, can't keep as fresh without screwing it all the way back down. Ever tried to remove a dented lid? That was probably a regular jar, not half an inch to hold onto. I expected better quality control, the box had no damage upon delivery.
Reviewed on December 30, 2018
Cons: My beard is quite long enough to use the metal comb and even if they sold this stuff in gallon buckets, it wouldn't be enough Pros: Everything else, literally. I spent $25 plus shipping on a balm with oud oil in it; Spent $20 more for this kit. Both arrived the same day and I immediately showered and used the $25 stuff. Not to say I didn't like it, but the next day I used all the Bossman products I got (in the kit of Hammer scent) and never stopped. The quality of my Bossman is great and works better than expected especially when every product (either the jelly or balm, and yes, both can be used together in moderation) together. Comb - Heavy metal and has a feel like fine sandpaper to the touch I am assuming so when you have oil, balm or Bossmans Jelly oil on your hands you still can grip it. Don't get me wrong, the texture is not rough, it just isn't polished to a smooth finish. The leather holster is pretty good quality, and a refined touch when grooming your beard in public. Moustache 'Mudstache' has very little odor and created an odd mix of hold and softness in my moustache. After trying it out, I felt an urge to stop trimming it and start working on a soon to be glorious soup strainer of viking like caliber. With those 2 things out of the way, let's get into it with the products that we bought or will buy this kit for... Beard Conditioner - It seems like you just never use enough but a little goes a long way. I have found that, as best one can, wringing out water before applying the conditioner helps keep it fairly concentrated on the beard. I'm clearly over exaggerating but it seems like this conditioner is about 99% oils and 1% suspension because what it can do to courser facial hair is unbelievable to me. My first use I noted that my beard looked and felt better than ever before right out of the shower. Once brushed and dried I was sold on this product. Beard Balm - Not much to say here... applies like any other balm and spreads the same. My second application of a day (when the conditioner isn't freshly used) I noted that my style remained easily managed, beard was a little softer and stray hairs fell in line. Beard Jelly - Holy goo of the gods! This stuff is legend in my life. If Bossman would make this in gallon jugs I'd be first in line to get that! Definitely lasts longer than and oil or balm I have tried to date. Heed this one warning though... a little bit goes on forever. 'A little goes a long way' is a vast understatement. Of all the products this Jelly is, by my nose, the most potent scented. Now comes the final item in this kit that differs from any other Bossman kit, the scent. I bought Hammer and it is the second best smell I have ever encountered, closely behind my favorite cologne. I find it hard to describe the composition of Hammers smell, but I'll say I don't think anyone wouldn't enjoy it. My mind sees a rich mahogany wood and an earthy spice being mixed by some Adonis while gorgeous women feed him grapes Cesar style.
Reviewed on July 25, 2023
This item smells great, but I don't see a difference in the "beard health". It has helped make my beard softer, but that is about it. The metal comb is also a great tool to have. The comb alone was worth buying the set.
Reviewed on February 25, 2023
As my beard gets longer, I have experienced it becoming very dry and brittle thus looking frizzy and unkept. I have tried various products and though I have only used Bossman for a couple weeks, I am finding it less brittle and more manageable. Only time will tell to the extent. I have not been impressed with the mustache mud. It does not hold as I need. I'll have to stick with my other mustache wax.
Reviewed on December 27, 2019
While I haven't tried every beard product line out there, I have to say this product line has to be one of the very best available. I am not only pleased with every single product in this kit, I am amazed by them! The beard oil is great and doesn't leave my skin greasy. Just a small amount does the job quite nicely and keeps the hair soft for a long time. The beard balm is equally impressive. Again, just a small amount of this goes a long way. This gently holds the hairs in place; (goodbye slicked down facial hair), while keeping the beard soft and touchable all day long. The Mudstache mustache wax is great for holding my most stubborn hairs in place without being stiff; and stays there through touch up brushing and combing all day. It has a soft but firm hold. The beard conditioner is incredible! After my very first time using this, my beard was so soft that my wife loved touching my beard! Throughout subsequent usage I am only more and more pleased. These products have made my beard more soft, manageable and healthy looking than I could have hoped for! The scent I chose was Stagecoach. This nice, rugged scent is strong enough to notice but not so strong that it overwhelms and stays all day. When I first smelled the product I was a little iffy about the scent but I figured I made the investment so I had better give it a fair shot. Once I actually used the products my opinion quickly changed! This unique scent is really pleasant. My wife really likes this scent too! The scent and softness of my beard are on a whole new level, thanks to Bossman! My wife doesn't even like beards but she is definitely digging mine now. She actually likes touching my beard now and I get more kisses than ever! No "catfish whiskers" and a scent that draws her in! The comb that comes with this kit has a leather sheath and is made of powder coated metal. It is beautifully crafted and quickly became a favorite. It is easy to carry this comb for recombs throughput the day. All and all I have to say I have never been so happy to have spent the money. These products exceed all of my expectations and made my wife actually love my beard! Thanks Bossman! PS. One suggestion I do have is to take the time to watch their YouTube videos on how to properly use the products, you will be glad you did.