Can You Handlebar Mens Beard Balm Application Brush Beard Oil Wax Applicator, Natural Horse-Hair Bristle Beard Brush Care Grooming Products

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  • BEARD BRUSH FOR MEN – Can You Handlebar beard balm application brush is designed to apply beard products and keep your hands free of the oil or balm for a no-mess hands-free application.
  • IDEAL TO APPLY PRODUCT – Our beard wax brush is designed specifically to fit into our Dry Beard Oil (Beard Balm) tins. Also an ideal beard oil applicator brush and a general multi-purpose beard brush.
  • SOFT, NATURAL HORSE HAIR – The beard applicator brush base is made of sturdy maple wood and it’s a soft, natural horse hair bristle beard brush. It gently and quickly disperses the product ensuring even coverage.
  • KEEPS YOUR FACIAL HAIR HYDRATED – This beard grooming brush produces a healthy shine and helps keep your beard, goatee, moustache, and sideburns looking great and hydrated all the way down to the follicle.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN USA – Can You Handlebar has been producing beard grooming products for men since 2012. Our beard care products are handcrafted right here in the U.S. The beard balm brush comes in a stainless steel can.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on November 13, 2022
I was looking for a way to apply my beard oil everyday without using to much or getting covering my hands in oil. I bought this brush and poured about a quarter of my beard oil into the can so I could apply as needed. Pros: 1. Absorbs and applies oil well. I poured a fourth of my beard oil into this container. The boars hair fibers absorbed it very quickly. But it will applies the perfect amount to my beard. Not to much, not to little. Does the job I bought it for 100%! 2. Prevents wasted oil. This is the main reason I bought it. I was either using to much, or to little oil. Now I pour my oil into the bottom of the tin, put the brush in there and apply every morning after my shower. Does exactly what I need it to! Cons: 1. There was a strong odor on the bristles before they were used. At first I thought it was mold, but it wasn't a bad smell... Hard to describe. 2. Lots of loose hairs. As I use this product, I find random long boar hairs in my beard. As I have used it, it has become less common. So just expect it to lose a bunch of hairs in the beginning. 3. The can it comes in is very flimsy. The second time I closed the tin it comes in, I bent the tin. Not so badly that it cannot close, but bad enough that it will never be the same. So word of advice, close the tin from the edges and not from the center. haha Bottom Line: If you need a way to apply beard oil effectively without wasting copious amounts... This product will help!
Reviewed on December 04, 2015
Way back, in the long long ago and forgotten time. A mighty axe was forged from the strongest of metals by elders of a long forgotten craft. This axe was bestowed with heavenly light and the strength of a hundred warriors trained since birth to wield deadly accuracy and a dancers precision. It was then buried beneath a stone and forgotten. Forgotten by all. But not the watchers. The watchers kept close eyes guarding this sacred axe until the day the chosen one would be ready to trim the hair of the gods bestowed upon his face. Such a man came forth finally and was given this axe. That man. Was Chuck Norris. The trimmings of his beard fell to the earth dividing continents, shaping lands. Those trimmings were collected and blessed by priest with names lost to the winds when they devoted themselves to the fine art of caring for, nurturing and crafting those hairs into the brushes you now see before you. These brushes are not for mere mortal men, but they are here. Now. Available for just that. I do not know how, or more specifically whom these were delivered from. I only know that we weak and foolish mortals were not meant to handle. No. Gaze upon these instruments of true masculinity and pure heart. For those who come across this brush and become a beholder of it. Know that forever you will be held under the watchful eye of the one. The chosen one whom gave of his fine hairs to create this. Each pass of these powerful unbroken hairs over your face begins to shape and transform your skin from that of a born man, to that of a near god. Tiny hands reach from each bristle to delicately lace your hairs in their embrace and sing a delicate lullaby only the ears of a newborn could hear. The hairs on your face will tense, tremble and give way to the overwhelming siren like song sung across each follicle. It will straighten any curled hair into that of divine measure. Some will try to escape your face. These are bits of your soul too afraid to be touched by something so pure and powerful. But fear not for they will eventually fall from your face. To know the feel of this brush, is to feel the touch of a hand. The hand of a god. The very god whom gave his fine hair to create this.
Reviewed on March 04, 2023
Bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it. We lost it at one point and immediately reordered another because he loves it that much. Definitely 10/10 recommend
Reviewed on April 01, 2015
My beard is wiry. I had been using my one of my girlfriend's stiff hairbrushes to straighten it out, until she caught me. So, I had to get my own. The bristles on this brush are *very* soft compared to the one I'd been using. In fact, it pampers your face. The first time I used it, it made me giggle. This won't grab your beard and straighten it out. But, it feels damn good. It also does a good enough job shaping the beard if you use some product. I use both a beard balm and a little bit of oil to groom my beard. This brush comes in a tin. I put a tiny bit of oil in the tin so it gets on the bristles, and use that to brush my beard after using the balm. I use the balm mostly for the skin under the beard, and because it does a better job in helping the beard hold its shape. With that combination, this brush works to keep my beard in order. I really don't think it would work very well if you didn't use an oil or a balm with it. If you're looking for something stiff that will pull your beard straight, this isn't it. But if you've never tried soft bristles and want to give it a shot, this is a great brush and I'm very satisfied. I can't say I ever really looked forward to brushing my beard until I got this thing, that's how good it feels. Is it worth the money? To me, yes, I'm happy I bought it. But I didn't try anything cheaper, so I can't really compare. I can't think of anything I'd change about it, other than I would like a handle on the top of the brush so it'd be easier to remove from the tin, and easier to hold on to while brushing.