Crafted Beard Growth Kit - The Best Beard Growth Kit - Grow A Thicker Fuller Beard - 3x Beard Growth Oil, 3x Beard Roller, 3x Beard Growth Vitamins (3 Month Kit)

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  • FILL IN THIN & PATCHY SPOTS - Our Beard Growth Kit helps by activating your dormant beard hair follicles. This activation helps increase beard thickness and fullness. Boost your beard growth today with Crafted Beards!
  • GROW A THICKER FULLER BEARD - Our Beard Serum was specially formulated to help men of all backgrounds and ages improve beard growth. Our formulation is 100% all natural and organic. Get the most with Crafted's Beard Growth Oil
  • SPEEDS UP BEARD GROWTH - While growing a thicker beard is nice, speeding up the beard growth process is essential as well. Ingredients like Vitamin E and Hemp Seed Oil help beard hair follicles to grow faster.
  • HEALTHIER BEARD - Your Beard needs essential vitamins and proteins to stay healthy. Our Beard Growth Oil can help you grow a thicker beard, but it also keeps your beard roots and hairs healthy.
  • MADE IN THE USA - We make everything in house right here in the USA. Trust Crafted Beards for purity, don't risk it with overseas brands.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 22, 2023
I bought this for my boyfriend. Just in the few weeks of using it every day more hair is growing on his face every day. He consistently uses it daily with the pills and the difference is noticeable.
Reviewed on March 23, 2023
Been using this for the past 3 months. I’ve definitely notice my existing facial hair got thicker and fuller. As far as the hair on my cheeks, I did notice more peach fuzz. I am planing on using this for a full year and hope I can at least see some beard starting to form. I will write an updated review at the one year mark.
Reviewed on January 17, 2023
I have been using these products together for a month, and I definitely think I have seen results. Beard is fuller with new growth in some areas that struggled before. One of the things I like best about it is its neutral/non-existent smell, especially in comparison to other/similar products. I will check back in a few months from now for a more complete review. But so far, so good.
Reviewed on October 24, 2022
So I can grow a full beard as is, one spot is just thinner then everywhere else. I bought this because I wanted to thicken that one spot up. Barely worked after a month, instead gave me a lot of acne in area I applied it no matter how much I cleaned the area prior and how much alcohol I soaked/washed roller with. The growth oil smelled weird, wife hated it at night and would complain. The good, I guess I can one 1 new hair MAYBE for every ten prior but the new hairs are thinner not thick like normal ones. Beard pills were just like any other trick pill/gummy all these companies sell. Overall I would not recommend unless you plan to go the long hall of 3 months+ doing it religiously and unable to grow a beard at all right now. If you can already grow a beard, learn to groom it, work out lifting weights to boost T naturally and buy some nice balms/oil with the money potentially wasted on this.
Reviewed on December 12, 2022
I’m a 23 year old guy who hasn’t had much experience with facial hair growth. The most hair I ever grew was a few stubbles on my chin and some peach fuzz on the sides of my face. But I started going to the gym regularly recently and wanted to use something to amplify my growth since I was increasing my testosterone naturally. I wasn’t expecting a fully grown and bulky beard, but I at least wanted to see something there. I’ve only used it for a little over a month and it still amazes me that I can rub the bottom of my whole face and feel hair all over the place. People have noticed that there’s been some growing (even if it’s still a big patchy lol) and I actually pick at my hairs unconsciously now (IVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT BEFORE!) Anyways, it works for me at least , just takes time. Interested to see how it works 2 months down!
Reviewed on January 02, 2023
Product packaging and labeling is very professional for the most part, but there was no cushioning to fill in the free space left in the box. The vials had room to jump around and consequently, one of them shattered. Aside from that, thats my only complaint so far. The instructions are very clear and ingredients are easy to find. The substance of the product is very promising.
Reviewed on January 27, 2023
Just started using this product and I haven’t seen results yet but based on all the high reviews I’m going to give it a full 3 months before I write it off. The product is easy to use so far
Reviewed on February 19, 2023
I've used the Copenhagen Grooming Co. stuff on and off since 2017~2022. Even though today was only my first day using the Bearded kit, I noticed an immediate difference in the quality. The bearded roller feels gentler on my skin while also applying more pressure, and the growth oil set in more easily and naturally into my skin than CG ever did. I have 4C hair, and this genuinely feels like the best line of products I've ever used for my beard. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for high quality beard care and growth products. 2/24/23 update: after a week of use I already see nee growth. Absolutely worth the money.