Cremo Beard & Scruff Cream, Wild Mint, 4 oz - Soothe Beard Itch, Condition and Offer Light-Hold Styling for Stubble and Scruff (Product Packaging May Vary)

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  • New, improved Mint Blend Scent.
  • Plant-based formula moisturizes and softens stubble, scruff and beards
  • Styles and shapes longer beards
  • Best for stubble, scruff and fuller beards
  • Lightweight and non-greasy

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on October 03, 2022
So far it seems to work better then bears oil. This softens my bears and stops the itch. The scent could be a little less strong but it doesn’t stay long.
Reviewed on October 11, 2022
Obsessed with this scent. It’s my favorite!
Reviewed on October 06, 2022
My beard can get itchy. This stuff really does the trick. Smells great too.
Reviewed on September 06, 2022
I have had the hardest time finding a product that helps my beard. I have gone through several brands that I loved the smell but it did nothing for my beard, or it worked on my beard but wasn't a fan of the smell. With Cremo I have the best of both worlds! The citrus mint cooling is absolutely amazing! Cremo is definitely my go to brand!
Reviewed on July 07, 2022
I initially bought the Forest Blend (not Cedar Forest) to try this out since it was cheapest. That scent was ok, but it was very strong in something that is clove or anise over pinecones and I was expecting it to be more just straight pine or fir and cedar with a touch of ozone. Forest Blend is a good scent for winter but not preferable for daily use in hot summers. The performance was great, it absorbs quickly, didn't irritate my skin and softens almost as well as pure argan, which is what I normally use. So I spent extra to try the Palo Santo scent and very pleased I did. It smells just like incense of this treasured wood; it's masculine but soft and relaxing, very much a sandalwood vibe if you have not smelled palo santo before. Both scents I tried last long and have high sillage. You will be smelling this for hours, possibly until the next day, so pick wisely and return it if you or people around you can't stand the scent or if it clashes with other fragrances you use. I will try the Citrus and Mint, Distillers' Blend and other scents in the future.
Reviewed on August 31, 2022
I bought this for my boyfriend. He’s got that scruffy look going on and I love it, but when we’re kissing sometimes it feels like he’s using a wire brush on my lips! Not enjoyable!! I was looking for a solution, and found this product. I love this scent! It’s light and sexy!! Makes me want to kiss him more!! No more wire brush kisses, his scruff is soft!!
Reviewed on September 07, 2022
I have tried oils and other products in the past, but nothing seemed to help with the itching. This product made the difference. I use it twice a day, small quantities, and it is enough to keep beard soft and prevent itching. Very happy with the product and the results. Scent is light.
Reviewed on August 27, 2022
I use a lot of Cremo products, the shave cream (amazing), the beard oil (great), the beard wax (so good), the beard wash and conditioner (fantastic), I just started using the beard and scruff cream and WOW! My beard is so soft and none of Cremo produces irritate my skin, I'm very sensitive and most beard products make my skin itchy and read, not Cremo products. It works great for me, hope it does you too.