Deluxe Beard Oil and Beard Balm - For a Softer, Smoother, Moisturized Beard - Made with All-Natural and Organic Ingredients - Leave in Conditioner - Beard Care Kit for Men - Sandalwood Bourbon

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  • Superior Quality for a Superior Beard. We know our beard kit isn't cheap. If it was, it would be made with cheap ingredients like the rest of the kits available to you. To ensure you have the softest, smoothest, cleanest and most conditioned beard money can buy, we used the highest quality ingredients we could get our hands on. You can rest easy knowing you're giving your beard the best.
  • Absorbs Quickly, Leaves No Oily Residue Behind. Every other beard care kit on the market leaves your beard feeling oily and messy. Our products were formulated to absorb in under 15 minutes, leaving your beard clean, conditioned and oil free. No more worrying about getting oil on your phone, your loved one, or any of your other nice things!
  • Made with All-Natural, Organic and Vegan Friendly Ingredients. Don't worry about putting harsh chemicals in your beard that do nothing but damage your beard hair. We use the cleanest ingredients, giving you a healthier, stronger beard.
  • A Powerful, Well Balanced Scent. Your beard absorbs smells throughout your day, resulting in a mixed-bag of unpleasant smells. Our products are made amazing scents that will keep your beard smelling wonderful all day long.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products that are made right here in the USA, so we're extremely confident you'll love our beard care kit. If for any reason our products don't live up to your standards, please contact us for a refund, no questions asked! If you're not happy, we're not happy.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 20, 2023
Loved the beard balm and oil both, combination smooths hair and makes bread easy to manage. Clean and fresh feel , very good product. Highly recommended!
Reviewed on February 16, 2023
Like a good craft beer, which is always better than big brands, this Crafted Beard product mimics that. Craft beer = Crafted Beard! See what I did there. Got my vanilla / tobacco beard oil and beard butter in the mail and used it immediately. I definitely loved the smell of it as it is not to strong and not took subtle. Just perfect. I've used another brand and the scent is almost so overpowering, I regret using it. I love the fact that there is fantastic ingredients in this product, and nothing that you don't need. Way excited to probably try some other scents, but I'm a little partial to the tobacco scent, and I'm not a tobacco user, but I love it! One other thing is is not way overpriced like some brands are. Doesn't mean it's a cheaply made product. Make the purchase you won't regret!
Reviewed on June 06, 2023
Me funciono para hidratar mi barba- agradable aroma
Reviewed on January 12, 2023
Just purchased this for the first time after using some of my buddies beard oil during a work retreat. Men’s beards are equivalent to women’s makeup. Spice it up!!! The smell alone of the Vanilla Tobacco is amazing. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but you can tell the quality right off the bat. The oil i was using prior to this purchase was the cedar scent- which is another scent I would recommend. The beard oil isn’t too thick nor is it too thin. If you Dab a quarter size into your palm of your hands and rub it in- you’ll have it dried into your beard within mins. Comb up with a boar brush and you’ll have a silky beard within mins. Highly recommend if you’re trying to have a soft beard with a nice refreshing smell that isn’t too over powering. The only “complaint” is the box it comes in is very simple- so nothing wild if you’d like to gift it for a birthday/holiday event. Product itself is outstanding and extremely excited to try the tobacco Vanilla!
Reviewed on February 15, 2023
Oil seems to absorb quickly into beard. I live in a moist climate here in AK, and on cold days the oils lose its hold and beard becomes drier and frizzy. I now use the Balm in addition to the oil to help hold the softness in my beard and that works great. The scents are strong in the beginning and fade quickly. My wife likes the scents, but I find myself using more unnecessarily to please her sniffer. Overall good product.
Reviewed on May 21, 2023
It works great and his beard looks absolutely gorgeous but also now it smells so good I just keep leaning in for extra kisses. Five stars.
Reviewed on May 31, 2023
Product works great and I enjoy the smell
Reviewed on May 22, 2023
The smell was exactly what the package states. This is a beard oil and butter that never fails to do its job.