EUNON Electric Razor for Men - IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable Mens Rotary Shavers,Electric Razor and Pop-up Beard Trimmer,with Portable Nose Hair Trimmer,100-240v Worldwide Travel Universal

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  • 【Professional Electric Shaver of Man】EUNON electric shavers use high-precision self-sharpening blades that stay sharp for a long-lasting,smooth and comfortable shave.4D rotating fit surface adjusts to the curve of your face for an all-around shave
  • 【Home and Travel Kits】Mans Electric razor set with portable nose hair trimmer,shaving machine configuration USB Type-C charging,convenient for business trip work and global travel
  • 【Intelligent Display】LCD Intelligent display is designed with working time,safety lock,low battery reminder and water wash display,press the on/off button for 3 seconds to activate the intelligent safety lock
  • 【Extra Long Runtime】 Use 2000mAh powerful lithium-ion battery to achieve up to 200 minutes of cordless shaving, One charge can meet the use for 2 months
  • 【IPX7 100% Waterproof】Mens shaver IPX7 100% full body washable design, suitable for wet and dry shaving, easy to clean and safe to use in the shower

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on January 06, 2023
For the price I think this is a nice razor. I was using a regular razor and shaving cream for years and occasionally a electric razor. Seems as I get older my skin is more sensitive so thought I would try this. My neck was the worst spot, but this does a great job. Battery was fully charged when delivered, it is easy to clean and overall I'm impressed. The nose hair trimmer is just ok for me as I thought I needed a new one. But I still like my old one better as it just doesn't do good for me.
Reviewed on December 25, 2022
I've mostly had classic Norelco 3-head shavers, but the battery (and charger cord) on my latest one were needing replacement, and I wanted to obtain the ability to charge via 12V (to 5V USB) during road trips in my motor home (while boondocking (not hooked up to power or water); I do have an inverter that can provide 110V AC while not hooked up to power, but razors take a long time to charge and you lose some power/efficiency compared to using 12V directly rather than converting to AC). Anyway, the performance is surprisingly good. It's much easier to clean than my Norelco (cleaner housing once you pop-up the rotary-blade carrier). And, the bonus nose-hair trimmer works very well too. The battery cap for the first one (nose trimmer) I received broke during first use; but, after contacting through Amazon they quickly replied that they'd send a replacement. Which they did by sending me a complete replacement set, including a 2nd razor. Pretty impressive.
Reviewed on February 04, 2023
This is pretty nice for the low price. The add in trimmer works well for nose & ears. The only slight negative so far is the angle of the sideburn trimmer. My old Norelco’s angle was easier to use but might get used to this one.
Reviewed on June 18, 2022
I have been a Norelco rotary shaver user for 30+ years. Over the years, I had tried Remington, Panasonic etc and my ersonal preference was the low end Norelco - such has the 2100 and prior models. The last norelco I purchased was the 2300 and it is pretty bad. The head falls off, when flipped open, the shave angle is not as good. I disliked the higher end norlecos - their heads which float a lot more, were less convenient for me. They seemed more gimmicky than utilitarian, in design. Since I found the Norelco 2300 to be so bad (I tossed it out), I thought I might try this Euonon - never had I heard this name. They offered even 30% extra discount with coupon, which really was the reason I ordered it. I had not expected it to be any good. Just today, I tried dry shave with it. It was excellent. I have not changed the blades on my norelco 2100 and perhaps that is the reason that the norelco was not good anymore? Lets see how long this Eunon will continue to offer such excellent shave. After 1st shave, I felt that I should actually take the time to write this review. What a deal for such superior quality! Never heard of this Eunon. I am shocked that they made a product better than the Norelco!
Reviewed on March 28, 2019
This is my first rotary razor. I've been wanting to try one for a while now, but they're usually too expensive to just try. The price on this unit was right, so I picked one up and have been using it for a few weeks now. The only complaints I have are attributable to rotary vs screen razors. I just had to learn which type of razor handles different conditions the best. After a few weeks of experimentation, I've settled on using this razor exclusively on my neck. Normally I get razor burn on my neck using a screen razor, because I have to make quite a few passes and kind of grind it in there even when stretching my skin a bit. With this rotary razor, I can make a couple of passes and get the job done. The same is true on my stomach (yes I shave my belly). Rotary seems to work best where hair is sparser and shorter and skin is fairly smooth. When stubble gets too long, rotary seems to "pull" hair. I tried using rotary on my underarms, which I also shave fairly often. However, skin there is kind of bumpy, so it gets nicked with a rotary. Screen shavers are better for underarms. :) I get a closer shave on my face using a screen razor, and lately I've been letting it grow out a bit before shaving, so I'm sticking to screen razor for the face. So how about battery life? That's where this unit shines. I've been using it daily for at least a couple of weeks now, for a few minutes per day (just to shave my neck, since it does the best job). It's still at 75%. I haven't had to recharge it since I bought it! That is amazing to me. I would love to see a screen razor from EUNON and see how it holds up. :)