G.B.S Men's 100% Boar Firm Bristle Wooden Handle Beard Brush

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  • The 100% genuine boar bristles won’t harm your beard when you use it, the wooden handle has grooves that fit perfectly in your hand
  • Smoothly massages your beard hair follicles to enhance natural oil production that evenly spreads throughout your whole Beard with use, promoting a fuller and thicker beard
  • Proficient in taming the biggest wildest beard, or the smaller neater ones
  • Use it every day to style the shape of your beard exactly how you want it
  • Combine with G.B.S Beard Oil, Beard Balm or Beard Growth Serum for an even better looking beard

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 11, 2023
The Good: 1. As others have mentioned, it sheds but my beard is thick and black so these bad boys just blend right in. 2. It tickles, but in that special way that makes your toes curl. 3. It scratches that itch in a gentle, yet affirming way. 4. Very fair price. 5. The handle is both visually appealing and physically comfortable. The Bad: 1. I want one on a stick that I can use as a backscratcher. 2. There are no actual bads.
Reviewed on August 02, 2023
It's great, small and compact for travel but still big enough to cover a large area of the face! Brought my beard to the next level!
Reviewed on May 02, 2023
Bought it for my 2 year old's hair since he kept taki g his dad's beard brush. Works great and fits in his hands.
Reviewed on December 05, 2022
Small brush for sure! I have big hands and had a grand laugh over the size of this brush! But wow! Does great brushing them beard hairs and so soft, doesn't pull on beard hair, doesn't rip any hair out. Have used it on wet beard and dry beard, works great either way. Only thing is we lost like 5 bristles in the first day but haven't had anymore since, over all its not pouring out bristles, it holds up very well and feels great!
Reviewed on February 27, 2023
Work great. Keeps the beard nice and groom.
Reviewed on September 23, 2022
At this price I expected a couple bristles to come out on the first couple uses, but after a week of use I’m still fishing 2 or 3 bristles out of my beard each day. I’ve gone to work with them stuck to my neck and face. They’re a bit soft too, but I keep my beard shorter so that’s acceptable. Though I still expected and prefer a stiffer brush.
Reviewed on February 03, 2023
Description says boar bristle stiff,, They are more like medium/to soft.