GIBS Grooming Con Man Hair & Beard Pudding, 19 Fl Oz

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  • The product you didn't know you needed. Literally nothing else like this!
  • Pudding gives you a vibrant look to your hair & a stronger beard
  • Ideal for short to mid-length hair.You can use it as a hair detangler and a leave in conditioner
  • Strengthen the beard & enhance the volume of hair
  • High Shine - Medium Hold
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Helps in getting you ready in a flash!
  • Safe for sensitive skin. Perfect in any hair texture, from thick curly hair to fine straight hair.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on May 16, 2023
We luv the product but it came in damaged. I have ordered it before an had no problem. But this time it's broke an leaked out it. It's not cheap so I'm hoping they can send me a new one. Now I reçvied the other one they sent an it's broke too. Now what
Reviewed on July 09, 2023
My 17 yr old son swears by this. Tames the frizz and accentuates his curls.
Reviewed on July 12, 2023
Smells great and works well.
Reviewed on May 19, 2023
The media could not be loaded. I’ve orders 2. Both were like this when I got them. I was wanting to change to the pump, but going forward, I will buy the smaller size.
Reviewed on March 18, 2023
A little goes a long ways! It smells great, feels good in the beard, and with minimal brushing looked great too. I even got a couple complements just starting to use the product out and about. Here's the thing though, after watching the online videos about the product it doesn't seem like this is the one tasked with this duty for most guys!!! I mean WTH, I've got a pretty thick/course beard that had some dryness and styling issues and this product worked like luscious conditioning lube to tame my mane! The chicks seem to dig it so why mess with success? Maybe I'll get around to trying the other stuff out, but this here's a GREAT start!!!
Reviewed on January 26, 2023
Let’s face it, this stuff looks like the radioactive waste you find in cartoons or comics. However, this stuff work’s amazing if you are trying to soften and style your beard and is a great styling product for giving you a light hold while you grow out your hair. I have thick wavy to curly hair which lends itself to dryness. This product has softened my hair tremendously and normally where I would be trying to get a haircut I am able to power through. It also provides just enough hold to make your hair non-frizzy. As for the beard effects, it gives my beard softness and hold throughout the day. I apply to my beard after the shower in the morning and after I wash my face before bed. I will be buying this product for a long time.
Reviewed on April 02, 2023
Great product , no flaking, moisturize hair without stiffness, natural body, and feels natural on hair . Goes a long way better than smaller size and pump works well too. I bought less of the lar g er size and many more of smaller size. Pump allows you to meter exactly what is needed so lasts almost 3x longer than smaller size, almost 1 large one per 9 months use vs 2 in 4months for smaller size jar. More waste with no pump .
Reviewed on May 28, 2023
Not only is the smell so good, but it works great without making hair feel crispy.