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  • cloth
  • 进口
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Gifts for him New version beard trimming apron was made of high-fiber nylon with a smooth surface. Each beard catcher for shaving has been thoroughly strictly tested to ensure you have the best shave.
  • Shaving bib makes your life easier when you shave beard. No mess up, No more cleaning. Keep your bathroom clean and tidy, makes your wife happy.
  • Attach the adjustable velcro neck straps and use the suction cup to help secure beard trimmer catcher to mirror. If you need to stop and step away during grooming you can attach the neck straps to the hooks on the suction cups. After use, pull the auxiliary contacts on the suction cup to separate it from the mirror.
  • Just loop this handy beard clippings catcher around your neck like an apron, then stick the two suction cup bottom corners to your mirror.
  • Consider gifts like birthday or Father's Day for boyfriends, husbands and fathers.Likeny beard apron bib is the newest version with high quality design. Likeny Apron Cape is you amazing choice!The preferred beard grooming accessories for men.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on June 24, 2023
I bought this beard apron as a gift for my husband on Father’s Day. He loves to trim his beard, but he always makes a mess in the bathroom. This apron is a great solution, as it attaches to the mirror with suction cups and catches the hair that falls. It also comes with a bag to store it when not in use. The apron is made of waterproof and anti-stick material, and it is easy to use and clean. My husband is very happy with this apron, and so am I. He says it saves him time and hassle, and it keeps the bathroom clean. The apron is very practical, functional and well-made. I don’t find any flaw, it’s perfect for him. I recommend it to anyone who likes to groom their beard and wants a quality and convenient apron.
Reviewed on July 09, 2023
On the surface, this sounded like a great idea. Any time I trim my beard, I manage to collect little hairs in the sink, around the sink, and everywhere in between. The Bib sounded great, put this on to collect all the hair and easily toss in the trash. While the Bib does work, it ends up being more trouble than its worth. The main issue is the material. The Bib itself is made from a very thin material, that collects the thin hairs. Once you try to throw all the hair away, most of the smaller hairs get stuck. While it does catch a majority of the hair, making your sink hair free. It is difficult to throw, and get all the hair off due to the material. The bib does its main job when you are trimming your beard, but putting on and taking off the bib when it keeps hairs - generally tends to make a mess. For large jobs, it would be helpful - but not something I use very often.
Reviewed on July 24, 2023
Got for hubby works when he decides to use it
Reviewed on July 01, 2023
It's an upgrade to my husband laying out a shirt or towel to catch his beard shavings. And it does a better job at catching all the hair.
Reviewed on February 22, 2023
My wife gets frustrated when I trim my beard in the bathroom. It gets in the sink, the counter, behind the faucet... I told her I could trim in the shower, but I'd need a mirror. So, my little secret agent did some snooping on Amazon before Christmas and got me this for my stocking. I thought it was gimmicky at first, but after using it, I think it's great. I put a suction cup on each end of the "cape" and attach it to our bathroom mirror. Then, I Velcro the other end around my neck and start to trim. All the beard hairs land on the "cape" and when I'm done, I take it down and shake the hairs off into the garbage can. It's neat and clean and done.
Reviewed on June 24, 2023
Husband loves it and now uses it each time. Easy to clean up and do not leave a mess. Its just what he needed.
Reviewed on July 02, 2023
Worked great was a father's day gift.