Halloween Cosplay Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock Wig & Beard Set H0554 Grey One size

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  • Party Synthetic Wig and Beard

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Reviewed on March 08, 2023
Took off one notch because it arrived late so couldn't use it for the show. Comfort and convenience.
Reviewed on April 13, 2022
I think it's a other people say, what you pay for. The wig it's ok, a little messy but ok. The beard is something else. I hated it looks bad, it's not shaped to go around your mouth and you can only hold it above your mouth or maybe even have to use your nose to keep it there, which beard is like that? I am thinking I was expected to use some scissors to make an opening on the mouth as I see int eh pictures? but it seems unnatural to make such cut, so I am not sure I might, or just not use the beard. It's ok for an occasion or just the wig, but don't expect too much.
Reviewed on September 24, 2022
This wig has a lot of hair and really looks good for a wizard. The beard is made out of a different kind of more frizzy hair and is hard to comb out but it's worth the effort because without the comb-out it doesn't look so good. The wig fits very well but the beard not so much. The elastic on the beard that goes around your head (it doesn't go around your ears) is a little too long but I can fix that. The main problem is the way the mustache is shaped and integrated. The middle of the beard is very thin so you need the hair from the mustache to hang straight down which covers your mouth. Also the foundation material for the mustache portion is not shaped well for me and doesn't hug my face but bows out.
Reviewed on October 22, 2022
As with other reviews, the work to make the beard useable is not worth it. The mouth opening constantly closes up on you. The mustache, if you manage to comb it out of the way, simply reveals strap and mesh. Wig was fine.
Reviewed on October 31, 2022
Hair appeared relatively cheaply made, got everywhere in the house, tough to wear because it’s so itchy and annoying. But good wigs are hard to come by for this purpose
Reviewed on October 02, 2022
not a good enough hole for mouth.. needs to be said that it's SILVER (not grey) and very shiny
Reviewed on November 27, 2017
Mostly good. My only two complaints were 1. There was artificial hair covering the mouth hole, scissors took care of that. 2. It did tend to have flyaways. The second perhaps hairspray world help with? But, for all I know it might melt the fibers. So, I did not take the chance.