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  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Softens and Conditions, Tames Unruly Beard Hairs
  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Works great with Honest Amish Original Beard Wax
  • The Most Trusted Brand for Beards in the World

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 08, 2022
I was using Beard Guys brand balm for a while and this balm is better in every way. It has a nice light scent, absorbs very quickly as to not stay oily, leaves a pleasant softness, and makes my very long beard quite manageable. Will be adding this to my essentials for sure.
Reviewed on August 19, 2022
Bad chunky consistency. Last year‘s purchase was great. Re-ordered a few weeks ago and it was chunky. Returned it for an exchange. Received today. Still chunky & junk. Will not use it with all these little pieces in it like spoiled milk
Reviewed on August 09, 2022
Mild scent which is not overpowering at all. Goes on easy, although a little greasy. Not like a pomade or wax, which I believe is what makes it a good moisturizer. On my 2nd purchase. Good product and value compared to others I have tried.
Reviewed on August 15, 2022
Muy buen producto
Reviewed on August 03, 2022
I loved the scent !!! Sofisticated
Reviewed on July 07, 2019
About me: I've grown my beard out for the first time ever. As it has gotten longer, I've had to adapt in how I care for it. I have a little bit of a medical background and the circles I run in fear beards like the plague due to poor information put out about how uncleanliness, unprofessional, dirty, etc they are... most of which I disagree... I recently read a medical study that clean shaven men actually harbor more threatening bacteria (e.g. Mrsa) than our bearded brethren... it's because the micro abrasions in the skin, warmer, temperatures, etc. allow these bacteria to feed is the theory. Anyhow, back on to reviewing the product. The product matters because looking presentable matters. So the main brands I've been using for about a period of 6 months are: Grave Before Shave, Viking Revolution, and now the Honest Amish regular (not Heavy Duty). I've been using Grave Before Shave the longest as the fragrances have been interesting and the product fairly consistent. The brand logos/art for different fragrances is pretty neat/entertaining too. The hold has been decent overall, but it seems as I go throughout the day it only lasts for a few hours or so before the fly aways kick in and it has a subtly oily residue. Overall, a solid product. Viking Revolution is the first beard balm I began with. I didn't know any better at the time but it made the thinner parts of my beard greasy, stringy/thin, and oily looking. I wasn't sure what was causing all of this, but time and experience have helped me in learning to style a beard that is a few inches from my chest now... I'll probably throw this product away. I don't like it touching my beard. The regular version of the Honest Amish beard balm just didn't hold well and the fragrance was nothing interesting (it's ok, just doesn't stand out much). I'm not much interested in the fragrances anymore, but more so a product that just works and gets me through the day. This version of balm is more like a moisturizer than something to keep flyaway hairs in place. The Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm is now my default go-to. It does not have much of a greasy feel in moderation, gives my beard a moisturized matte-appearance , and is very easy to get out of the container and apply... texture of a smooth-sticking paste. I'll be using my grave before shave for daily use (running around), but the Honest Amish will be my default go to for a product I know works well and I'm confident in for work and dressing up on occasion. The fragrance is subtle and subsides within the hour. I like this enough that I'm going to order a 4oz container after just receiving my 2oz container within the week. I don't want to risk not having any how this stuff on hand/beard.
Reviewed on May 15, 2018
Scent: It has a citrus scent with a spicy under-note. The scent is really not strong at all. I use the regular Beard Balm and lots of reviewers By the time l put on hair products and cologne or body spray the scent is gone. I really like them both. This scent is weaker and I notice it on me far less than the regular Beard Balm. ingredient list on my new tin changed slightly from what it says on my old tin. I was kinda sad about that because I LOVE the scent of this stuff and didn't consider it to be that strong in the first place. So, there you have it. If you want less scent, their new formulation has less scent.) Hold: It's not bad. I use quite a bit--mostly for the conditioning--and I think it holds up pretty well even after my 9 or 10 hour work days. It is really not a sculpting type of wax, l am looking for something stronger my beard is more bushy than l want, but l keep going through the growth phase. Conditioning: It's been every bit as good as the regular Beard Balm at softening, thickening, and keeping my beard itch and flake free. It's good stuff. Makes me wonder what I was doing growing beards without a conditioning oil. Is it greasy? Well, it's a conditioning oil. It has a bunch of different oils in it. If you've used a beard oil before, you know what you're in for. If you're wary, just use small amounts. With a small amount, your beard should soak it up quickly and you'll hardly notice anything at all. Just rub the extra in to your mustache or side burns, dont waste it. How do you use it? As recommended, I "melt" it in my hand and apply it to a damp beard. At this point, I do a "gentle" styling with my comb and wait about 10 to 20 minutes for my beard to dry. Once my beard is totally dry, I'll get out the comb or a "barrel" brush and do a more aggressive shaping and fluffing. At this point, the wax has set pretty well so you can move your beard around more. Should I buy the bigger tin? If you have a big beard, you aren't shaving it any time soon, and you want lots of conditioning and lots of hold--yes. Otherwise, this smaller tin will last you two months or so--with everyday use--depending on how much you use each day. I use the large tin and even using larger amounts it seems to last a long long time. Should I get the regular balm instead? If you aren't concerned about shaping your beard and you want good conditioning--yes. Is it worth the price? Yes. Shipping was really fast. l did see its available at Wal Marts, but l still purchased from Amazon. The tin is nice and sturdy. Combine this with a good hair conditioner for the shower and you'll love the results. Even if I only got, let's say, one month of use out of a tin, I'd still say that it's worth it. It really makes a big difference compared to growing a beard without it.