Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Coloring for Gray Hair, With Biotin Aloe and Coconut Oil for Healthy Hair - Medium Brown, M-35 (Pack of 3, Ecomm Packaging)

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  • New look, same great results! This Just For Men Mustache & Beard 3 Pack ships in its own box for a more sustainable packaging option. It's beard coloring that makes getting rid of gray facial hair easy for a thicker and fuller look.
  • Easy to use men's beard coloring: Simply mix the color base and developer, apply with the included brush, wait five minutes, shampoo and rinse! Be sure to read and follow the enclosed leaflet for the best results.
  • Available in shades ranging from Blond to Jet Black. When unsure of which to choose, go with the lighter shade. Now formulated with Biotin, Aloe, and Coconut Oil to nourish facial hair while you distribute color with ease.
  • Apply as often as needed. Every man is different so we're here when those gray hairs begin to grow back. Works well on beards, mustaches, soul patches, goatees. Great for touch ups.
  • For the best results, make sure to follow all instructions included in the package, perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use, and always use the gloves provided to avoid staining.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on May 24, 2023
I bought a three pack of Light Brown by accident, normally I use Medium Brown, so I tried leaving it on for 10 minutes WOW the color was perfect and it lasted a week when normally it only lasts 4 Days! So I recommend going one shade lighter than you normally use then waiting 10 minutes before rinsing it out
Reviewed on April 29, 2023
This is a minor quibble, but the product does not come packaged as shown in the picture. Instead you receive the three sets of beard dye in three separate boxes, the same way you would purchase it at the drug store. As for the product itself, I am very pleased with it. It is easy and fast to apply and looks great.
Reviewed on April 08, 2023
I use this for my hair. Originally used it when I had a beard.
Reviewed on March 22, 2023
This item is a great value! If you like this product and use it regularly, it is definitely a great deal!
Reviewed on March 28, 2023
Good product have been using for many years.
Reviewed on May 12, 2023
I was looking forward to a better box for the sets then the regular ones but the packaging was just 3 normal packs with semi- crushed boxes. Better shipping container is needed. I’ve used this coloring- Dark Brown for a while now but the last 2 procedures didn’t do much coloring and didn’t last very long at all. I’m used to the previous coloring’s lasting up to a Month & perfectly colored. I’m hoping it’s not a permanent problem.
Reviewed on September 23, 2022
Want to buy Just for Men beard dye in a semi-bulk package to save a couple bucks? Here you go. You get the same product in a blander cardboard package and get to save a couple bucks. It's a win in my book.
Reviewed on July 28, 2022
I've been using this product for many many years you can find it in most any drugstore. Or places like Walmart etc. You get a lot more for the value with the hair dye product which they also make. I buy both. This is great for those who want to wash away gray or any lighter color hair. I definitely recommend.