Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Coloring for Gray Hair, With Biotin Aloe and Coconut Oil for Healthy Facial Hair - Jet Black, M-60 (Pack of 3, Ecomm Friendly Packaging)

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  • New look, same great results! This Just For Men Mustache & Beard 3 Pack ships in its own box for a more sustainable packaging option. It's beard coloring that makes getting rid of gray facial hair easy for a thicker and fuller look.
  • Easy to use men's beard coloring: Simply mix the color base and developer, apply with the included brush, wait five minutes, shampoo and rinse! Be sure to read and follow the enclosed leaflet for the best results.
  • Available in shades ranging from Blond to Jet Black. When unsure of which to choose, go with the lighter shade. Now formulated with Biotin, Aloe, and Coconut Oil to nourish facial hair while you distribute color with ease.
  • Apply as often as needed. Every man is different so we're here when those gray hairs begin to grow back. Works well on beards, mustaches, soul patches, goatees. Great for touch ups.
  • For the best results, make sure to follow all instructions included in the package, perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use, and always use the gloves provided to avoid staining.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 27, 2022
Read a review for hair dye and someone commented that she uses beard dye for her eyebrows. This is great! I only left it on for about 4 minutes and it did a great job turning my blonde (and gray) brows to a dark brown. I used a mascara brush to apply it. Another great feature... you get 2 tubes: one with colorant, one with developer. You use equal amounts of each, so it's very easy to mix a small amount and keep the remainder for the next application. It washed off my skin easily, although I was careful to just brush it on my brow area.
Reviewed on August 05, 2022
Great coverage, Easy to use, Make sure to great correct color and do not go to dark or leave on to long as it will stain face and show for a few days
Reviewed on August 28, 2022
i have tried it couple of time and it works perfect
Reviewed on August 15, 2022
I really like it
Reviewed on May 15, 2022
I'm addicted to dying my eyebrows and this the most powerful stuff I've found. (Bear in mind, it still only lasts 7, maybe 10 days.)
Reviewed on June 08, 2020
So I grew a full beard for the first time ever during the covid19 crisis, which is mildy embarrassing for a grown ass man to admit. My normal hair is dark brown which almost looks black when it's wet, so when my beard came in light brown/strawberry blondish I was stunned. I had NO IDEA that was a thing. Being that light made my beard and goatee less defined, so I bought some of this stuff to try and make things match and here is the skinny. First of all it burns. Even if you don't puff up into a big balloon from an allergic reaction, it still has harsh chemicals that at the very best smell strong and will sting your eyes and nose, and at worst burn like crazy on your lips. I had to put cortisone cream on my face when I was done and that surprised me because I like to think of myself as a rough and tumble cowboy. I used Vaseline around the edges and it still rocked my world. SO it burns. Next thing is it's FAST. Almost too fast. It literally takes like 5 mins and it takes two of those minutes to brush it in so you have to start on the lightest stuff first so it gets the extra 30-60 seconds of treatment it needs to balance things out while you make a mad rush to put this stuff on your face. Not the best scenario. If you want to do this for the first time...try to do it in a lighter color than you think you need because it's darker than you think, and faster. Not only that, but it KEEPS getting darker even after you wash it off. It settles in. So if you don't like it...give it some time and come back a handful of hours later, or better yet the next day. My main complaint aside from the health issues..really isn't the and effort it takes, but mainly that it has this way of making your facial hair look fake as can be. You don't realize how even extremely consistent beards have slight variation ..or shading in the color which keeps it natural looking. I looked like a televangelist from the south when I got done. All I would have needed to complete the look was an fake orange spray tan! I still wore it for another two weeks and even touched it up at the roots until I just said screw it and shaved it off. If I had to do it again...I would use the lighter color to get some basic color shifting, and then I would spot treat here and there little by little to perfection because it just looked horribly fake for my face. It also made my beard hair crispy and hard. I used beard oil and all sorts of stuff to try and keep it soft but this stuff just ruins your hair. To have to do it over and over every two weeks or so just wasn't in the cards for me. I wouldn't use it again. It's not worth burning my face, the possible health issues down the line, looking fake, ruining my facial hair etc. But If i did it again I would use the Henna stuff. They say it takes more time, but it's all natural and harmless. I think with the extra time you could really dial it in better. So...never again. But my buddy uses it and it works great for him and what he's trying to accomplish so...?? But as for me, if you want one color that's strong and fast, and somewhat painful and dangerous for your health, this is it.
Reviewed on February 19, 2022
I'm a white male with very dark brown hair. I struggled to find the right shade of dark to go with. This shade is perfect and works well. It doesn't always hold to the hair, but it seems to get most of it. Just follow the instructions and you won't go wrong. Highly recommend for the price.
Reviewed on December 13, 2020
For quick & affordable eyebrow tinting, this is great! There’s so much product in the tubes, and a little really does go a long way. I’ve had this product for a couple months now and I’m not even close to running out yet! What I do, is I put a small drop (size of pencil eraser) for both the color base and color developer. I’ll mix it onto the plastic tray that comes provided in the box, and within a few minutes it darkens and is ready to be applied. The product comes with a little brush as well, but I use my own smaller brush since I put it on my eyebrows. I apply to both eyebrows, let it sit for a few minutes, and voila! my eyebrows are tinted to my liking. My only downside to this, is that it doesn’t last too long. It fades quickly, and if you want to keep it on, it will need to be reapplied with the same process every few days. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome.