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  • If you're looking for an outstanding, conditioning beard oil for your magnificent beard (or any head hair, really), look no further than this beard oil.
  • Made with with quick-absorbing and non-comedogenic (that means it won't clog pores) natural oils, emboldened with the woody smell of cedarwood essential oil and campfire, this Magic Beard & Hair Elixir tames even the wildest (and itchiest!) bird nests of facial hair (while smelling absolutely divine).
  • Not only is this a stupendous beard oil, it also makes superior hair oil for both women and men. It is the pinnacle of grooming products for both genders.
  • This natural blend of oils is made with high-quality ingredients for maximum amazingness. It's handcrafted in small batches by people who truly want you to be happy.
  • Outlaw products are made with integrity. This means recycled and/or recyclable packaging, Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, natural and sustainable production practices, and Whole Foods approved ingredients (so you know it’s good!). We guarantee our products. If it’s not what you had hoped it would be, just get in touch with us and we’ll make it right.
  • The bottle is amber with a well-designed (oil-resistant) label, bringing a classic "old medicine wagon" feel to any bathroom.
  • Is a multi-use product for the MacGyver of grooming: can be used as an all-body moisturizer, a hair oil, and a beard oil. Heck, it'll even remove superglue from your fingers (as all oil will... and now you know!).
  • Long-lasting! One bottle contains a whoppin' 3.3 oz, which will last you many months with daily use.
  • Made in lovely Sparks, Nevada in small batches.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 05, 2023
This is Amazing Beard oil!! Smells great!! Top quality definitely recommend.
Reviewed on May 14, 2023
This is the most amazing scent. Reminds me of my papa's old pipe tobacco. Plus I love there isn't a dropper, just tip and it dispenses a few drops onto your hand. The only thing that could make it better is a metal cap instead of plastic, only saying that because something must have happened in shipping that cracked the plastic cap, so I have to be careful. But not enough of an issue to rate it less than 5 stars. Love this product.
Reviewed on April 24, 2023
The oil itself it great, and has a wonderful woody, smokey scent to it. However, the lid was a smidge loose before the plastic seal went on it, so the inner packaging and the outside of the bottle itself was an oily mess when I unpackaged it. Aside from that, I love the scent.
Reviewed on February 27, 2023
I like this but doesn’t seem to have much longevity. However, I’m new at this beard dressing as the last beard I had was some 40 + years ago. Smell is pleasant, has a bit of a warmth to it. Just not sure what I “should” expect.
Reviewed on March 13, 2023
Great value in the 3oz bottle Out Law soap sends. Helps the labeling has a vintage western feel to it and looks great on the bathroom counter. The scent profile is amazing and my wife has commented on it several times. It’s bold and tend to favor the campfire more than cedar. A little goes a long way and the oil is quick to absorb. It leaves my beard with a nice sheen and keeps it soft and rounds up stray hairs to keep your beard in line. I’d still recommend a beard brush to get the most out of this. I’d highly recommend.
Reviewed on October 09, 2022
Great smell that doesn’t become annoying over time. You know what I mean. I shave my head every morning and I use this as a moisturizer on my head, face and around my eyes. I had some thin patches in my beard that filled in after about a month of using Outlaw’s Magic. I just ordered a sample pack to check out their other fragrances. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.
Reviewed on December 29, 2022
This smells like a campy romance cover looks
Reviewed on September 12, 2020
I bought this product based on a trusted recommendation. I do not think I would have given it a second look based on text description of the product. I was stunned by the scent! The constituent oils can be found in many products. But the user experience of the infused scents is amazing. The product scent is non-descript coming out of a room temperature bottle. Nothing special. BUT... when body heat warms the component scents on your hair (beard) - the result is astonishing! Intermittent blooms of the cedar... then the campfire... then a little of both... awakening the senses between periods of boring 'normal' scentless nothingness. Absolutely worth a trial for anyone who has found joy and peace in the outdoors. And the 3 oz bottle will seem like a 2 L soda compared to the 0.5-1 oz products available at your local store.