Mat's Beard Bar® & Holder Pro (V2.0) - FLEXIBLE - Made in USA - Clean Up Beard Trimmings from Sinks and Countertops After Shaving - Best Gifts For Men

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  • ZERO BEARD TRIMMINGS AROUND SINKS: Mat's Beard Bar is the quickest and most effective way to clean beard trimmings and beard hairs from sinks and counters after a man shaves.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: Simply wet the Beard Bar under the sink, rinse out excess water on the side of the sink, sweep the Beard Bar along surfaces around the sink and counter, and finally rinse out beard trimmings in the sink or Beard Bar Holder.
  • BUILT FOR EFFICIENCY: Silly alternatives make you reach under the sink, and attach yourself to the mirror. The Beard Bar was designed with ease in mind. Leave it out next to your sink. This is a great men's grooming gift for any man, whether it is a holiday gift or a birthday gift.
  • AESTHETIC VISUAL REMINDER: The sleek and prominent design fits any bathroom sink and reminds anyone to clean up after shaving. Keep it next to your sink to remind you to always clean up after shaving. Now you can get rid of those beard aprons, beard bibs, or newspaper rolls tucked under that sink.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on June 01, 2023
Just received this today. I took the bar and tried it on my already messy sink and it worked as expected. The biggest point of constructive criticism right now would be to continue to iterate on that container. I didn't realize in time that mine was bulging out on the bottom; this is one of the quirks of 3d printing. So then, when I took off the cap and placed it under as the direction prescribed, it got stuck hard. It took me, a 200lb guy, and a 3" vice bolted to a workbench to get it back apart. Not that the case should be enough to stop a purchase, but it did affect my first impression.
Reviewed on July 23, 2023
Saw it advertised and decided to try it, have to say it works quite well . Only issue is cleaning it as the hairs like to stick to it.
Reviewed on July 13, 2023
Saw this on TikTok and thought it’d be a great gift. He says it works great and can’t believe he didn’t get something like this sooner
Reviewed on July 12, 2023
He loved it not a waste of money
Reviewed on April 15, 2023
Great product but I have a few opinions. It does the job but no matter how I use it, It picks up all of the hair but I still have to wipe down my counter because it still leaves a water behind. Im also not a huge fan of the 3D printed case.
Reviewed on July 14, 2023
Price to me felt a bit higher than warranted by the build and materials. Also didn’t quite work as well as advertised. It eventually became a bit too much work and I stopped using. Gimmicky. Probably would not recommend to others.
Reviewed on July 18, 2023
Pretty average, still requires separate clean up
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
So I figure the audience is for men with beards. This device was what I thought was going to save me so much headache, yelling, and time from my wife after I shave and happen not to pick up every follicle of hair that has been removed . I used to use a wet paper towel to clean everything up as I assume most do. When I tried this is works ok, honestly felt the same maybe a little less then my paper towel method because the bars fixed size and shape doesn’t get into all the small cracks. Also the 3d printed case just felt cheap to me. When I think of 3d printed material it’s hobby stuff not for production. At least clean up and smooth out the printing layers and designs. Concept is cool just not for me.