Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit for Men - 100% Organic Unscented Beard Oil, Beard Balm Butter Wax, Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Beard Scissors for Beard & Mustache-with Bamboo Box & eBook

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  • Grow Fuller, Healthier & Softer Beard: Do you want a fuller & healthier looking beard ? Experience the power & performance of Premium quality 6 peice beard grooming kit. Bundled together in this beard kit is our blend of Beard Oil leave in conditioner, Beard Balm Bee Wax Butter, Beard Brush, Beard Dual Teeth Comb, Sharp Beard Scissors, Magnetic Bamboo Gift Box & a beard grooming ebook
  • Premium Beard Oil: Not all beard oil & beard balm are the same. Our Organic Beard Oil gives you the power to hydrate your skin & facial hair, simulate beard growth, eliminate itchiness & beard dandruff. And with beard balm/wax, beard conditioner you can tame & style your beard with ease - which means your beard will look shiny, soft & glorious all day long
  • Get Shiny & Smooth Beard: We only use natural, Organic & finest quality ingredients for our beard care kit. Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe oil and Vitamin E are main components of Beard Oil & Balm. The Firm bristle beard brush helps detangle, exfoliate skin, removes beard flakes, evenly distribute beard oil, massages facial hair and keeps the beard clean, healthy & shiny. Naturenics beard comb for men detangles wet and dry beards with ease, help straighten & style your beard like a boss.
  • Razor Sharp Scissors: High quality professional beard trimmer for men. Professional Japanese steel barber grooming scissors scissor is tempered with precision blades and hand-sharpened. Ergonomic handle is designed to put your third finger through the hole and use the rest of the handle to rest your two fingers, giving you more control & precision when trimming
  • Kit For Bearded Men: This beard grooming kit for men is a perfect way to show appreciation to facial hair. Once tried he won’t know how to live without it. A must have in mens beard grooming set.

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Reviewed on October 01, 2019
I'm pretty impressed with the kit. First let me say I've had a beard for years but always pretty short. Decided to grow it out and thought I better do better taking care of it and I wanted to ensure it looks good. The box: Wood box with magnetic stops to keep it closed. Its pretty nice, makes you not want to discard it. Mine is still on the countertop but I'm certain the wife will make me remove it soon. lol The comb: Never used a wood comb but the design and quality are nice. Makes it easy to comb mustache and also straight down and not follow your neck. The brush: Also seems really decent quality. I've not used any other brush like this before. Seems to work better on the shorter length beard like on my sides rather than the longer section near and at my chin. Still that could be totally normal and some may say "that's why you have a comb" and I would agree... the comb works best there. The scissors: I haven't opened them. Honestly I trim with a trimmer so I doubt I'll use these. Still they are packaged separately and look decent. The oil: Non scented beard oil is exactly what I thought I wanted. Although now I wish I had got something scented (but that's a me thing not product). I've only been using this for a week and I guess it's fine. I haven't have any "wow" experience like some have where they "love beard oil" but my beard is only about 2-3 inches long so maybe when longer?? Also, it's a bit funny feeling to be using an eye dropper thing to get some drops on your hands...but whatever. The balm: I assumed this would be to assist with styling or whatever but I'm not seeing that. I could be way off. Still I use it daily and while my beard still tends to get some "flyers" throughout the day I would have thought this balm would have kept that from happening. Again, just my first experience with it so take it with a grain of salt because you may know better than I. For the price of this kit I think if this is your first step into beard grooming, it's a great start! I plan to keep the comb and brush, maybe the box, but get some oil and balm with a scent, maybe in a month or so.
Reviewed on April 24, 2022
I have been growing beards on and off for years. They always end up irritating and itchy. This usually prompts me to shave it off. This I decided to look into beard maintenance and eventually came across this product. I wanted an oil and balm that was unscented. I have never liked colognes or strong after shave lotion. When delivers I inspected the box and everything was packed perfectly. I was impressed at the amount of packing that secured the oil and tin of balm. The box looks very nice also. I used the beard balm after showering and the moisturizer in it really helped my skin and suppleness of the beard hairs. The dryness and itchy feeling disappeared. In the mornings I wash my face and apply the oil by massaging into the beard and then brushing it out and lightly combing. I love the brush as it gives a gentle feel to the beard. I like the comb also, but as I do have a small beard comb, I vacillate between my comb and the one supplied. I find I rarely have ro comb the beard out through out the day unless I touch my face for some reason. I mowed the yard today with a push mower and it was warm and sunny. I did not even notice the beard or had to scratch it. I will be keeping my beard for a very long time and hopefulliy will never shave again. I recommend this product and look forward to seeing how it is when the beard gets much longer. I love not having to shave.
Reviewed on March 01, 2023
I love everything about this product. Comes in a very nice wooden cache box that I’ll use for something someday. Scissors make a crisp noise when you click them. The balm and oil are all natural no alcohol or fragrance. The brush is great quality and will be very well seasoned after a few months of use. I’m so glad I bought this package it is SIMPLE and very very satisfying. All around. THANK YOU for making this!
Reviewed on June 14, 2023
The box broke after 3 weeks of use. The scissors isn’t good quality.
Reviewed on April 06, 2019
Beard Type: Very Thick and full CASE: Seems like a nice package and case for a kit but it's not practical for everyday use. Products inside are stacked and upon a daily routine you have to put things back in order for it all to fit. If you only need to use the item on the bottom you have to take things out, then put them back in order and go through it all. Sounds like I'm being nitpicky but day in and day out the burden starts becoming apparent. So, nice try but annoying honestly. Good as a travel case, not as a leave in case for everyday use. BTW, it came damaged on a corner but I'm not considering that as part of the rating. WHAT'S INSIDE: BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH seems just OK. Don't have any experience with these types of brushes but many bristles fell out with each use and continues to do so. It hasn't "stopped" like some reviewers have stated. The wood part of the brush has a huge split in it right where the logo is. I don't know if this adds to the "character" of the wood or they just have no discernment in quality control. All I know is that I'm not impressed. Especially with a "5 star" product. COMB: I used this thing out of ignorance. It pulled my hairs out but I had no experience with grooming so thought it was normal. I have since used a sandalwood comb and holy... this thing is a 1 star POS. Burn it, BURN IT WITH FIRE. SCISSORS: They're Meh. There are two holes on the outside of one of the blades, nothing that impacts performance, just another defect in material used so, again, quality control. You can feel the resistance when cutting hairs, but they do the job with enough effort... I don't think these are the nicest scissors out there tbh. OIL and BALM: Seems fine. I have to use a lot more of it than "suggested use" but I have no experience with other types. However, I won't be reordering. Instead, I'll make my own mixture from now on. CONCLUSION: This is a kit and from now on I'll avoid them and instead piece my own things together so I can control the quality of each item which is IMPORTANT imo. For a kit it's just OK. Some of the contents are decent, others are complete trash which makes the rating balance out to mediocre or average of 3 stars at most. Maybe better rating for someone with a starter beard / not full beard where the comb would not be so poor in performance for them. CASE: 3 stars BRUSH: 3 stars COMB: 1 star SCISSORS: 3 stars OIL: 4 stars Balm: 4 stars