Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, Black, 2 Piece, QP6530/70, Old Version

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  • Rechargeable OneBlade Pro can do it all - trim, edge, and shave any length of hair.
  • OneBlade doesn’t shave as close as a traditional blade - so your skin stays comfortable. Go against the grain and shave off any length of hair easily.
  • OneBlade Pro has a versatile trimming comb with 12 length-settings from 0.5 to 9 mm, giving you an even trim at exactly the length you want.
  • Water resistant, so it is easy to clean; just rinse under the tap. You can shave wet or dry, with or without foam - whichever you prefer.
  • Blades are designed for long-lasting performance. Replaceable blade lasts up to 4 months. (Based on 2 full shaves per week. Actual results may vary.)
  • Includes: 1 blade, 1 handle with LED display, 1 12-length comb, power cord and protective cap
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 26, 2023
It’s time to switch to USB instead of specific cables. I don’t know why companies continue to do this. This is an outstanding product that works so well for regular shaving yet hampered by custom. Which I have to drag around with me come on switch to USB
Reviewed on July 31, 2023
I have a very sensitive skin and can’t shave with razors, but this is amazing! 12/10 recommend.
Reviewed on July 18, 2023
Works better wet. Have to make several passes the closer you want your shave. Takes more time than razor blade specially if you want as close a shave as possible
Reviewed on July 31, 2023
easy to use, long battery life
Reviewed on June 30, 2023
This was my first electric razor so i had practically zero experience beforehand but i was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and the beguines friendly guide. I have been using it for months and can say that it’s perfect for the price and is a good while purchase.
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
Much smoother then the previous versions and the new guard with the length dial super convenient.
Reviewed on May 20, 2023
I want to like this. It's almost perfect. It is not as close as shaving with a blade. I expected that and you should too. In return it is not as irritating. There is also not the ingrown hair problem. I am not sure about the pivoting head. For me it tends to catch and stand up, not lay flat. I may be doing it wrong. I would prefer a head that didn't move so I could keep it flat on my face by moving the handle around.