Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer and Hair Clipper Series 5500, Electric, Cordless, one Pass Beard Trimmer and Hair Clipper with Washable Feature for Easy Clean - No Blade Oil Needed - BT5511/49

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  • Gives you an effortless, even trim to achieve the 3-day stubble, short beard, long beard or even touch up your hair style.
  • Get the look you want with 40 adjustable length settings from 0.4 millimeter (1/64") to 20 millimeter (25/32") and additional 3 guard attachments.
  • Our innovative Lift and Trim PRO system lifts low-lying hairs and guides them towards the sharp metal blades for a precise cut.
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery delivers up to 90 minutes of cordless use with 1 hour charge. Trimmer can be used while charging.
  • Easy to use and clean with fully washable feature.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 29, 2023
You have to learn the correct technique, once you master it you’ll get a very quick and precise result, very happy with the product!!
Reviewed on July 29, 2023
Top product. Be careful with the plastic parts ! Don't push too hard on them
Reviewed on July 08, 2023
These seem to be the sharpest ones that I have ever owned, and I have been cutting my hair and face with them for a long time now.
Reviewed on July 17, 2023
Works perfectly. You can shave your head with it also and I have extremely thick hair
Reviewed on January 25, 2023
I was searching for a trimmer to get my facial hair to desired stubble length. This dial height adjustment guard is easy to use and many lengths to choose from (.4 to 20mm). This trimmer is also larger than many others and comfortable to hold. For those with large hands or arthritis/ carpal tunnel, this may make it easier to use (but I'm not a doctor!). I've included a photo comparing the size for this Philips Beard and Stubble Trimmer to the Wahl 2.0+ (similar in size to the Multigroomer line) and the Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer. The problem with the other clip-on, non-adjustable guards is that they come in set sizes. Seems most common for facial hair is 3mm (#1 guard) and I found that "3mm" guards varies greatly depending on manufacturer. I tried the Philips Norelco Multigroomer 3000 (less expensive) which includes a 1mm stubble guard and it shaved bare. I wanted something in between. This dial (lights up the size when adjusting) allows you to go from bare to 20mm quickly. I would imagine this is also a benefit if doing a fade style haircut. I have only used the facial hair guard thus far. It clicks into place and feels secure, but yet easy to remove for cleaning. I've also shaved my head bare without the guard and it worked well. An important note - this Philips Series 5000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer ($49.96) is NOT the same as the Multigroomer 5000 ($39.96). Yes, the multigroomer is "18 piece" versus "4 piece", but I'd prefer 1 adjustable guard versus a ton of loose guards that I have to sort through and can get lost. Plus this trimmer is fully washable whereas the Multigroomer 5000 you need to remove and rinse only the attachments. As noted previously, there is a size difference between the two. It would be nice if this trimmer included the detail trimmer head, but something I can live without. Another area for improvement is if it came with or had a travel case available. I'd rather bring 1 trimmer and guard on a trip rather than a bag full of useless accessories. Overall a solid choice for this price point, especially if you don't want a dainty size trimmer!
Reviewed on June 14, 2023
I am learning to use it. There is a learning curve. It does a beautiful job of uniformly clipping beard and surrounding areas. It is a little complicated and not intuitive for me to set the cutting height, but it is not a piece of high tech electronic gear so I am confident I'll figure it out. Glad I bought it.
Reviewed on July 10, 2023
Very comfortable to use. Quick and efficient. Fair price. Would recommend it.
Reviewed on August 17, 2022
I've had a ConairMan for a few years and really like the way it 'shaves', leaving just a 5 o'clock shadow (ingrown hair issue, less so for style). My Conair still seems to work ok, but I thought for sure the blades would be dull, so what the heck, wanted to look at options. I ended up with the Philips Series 5000 Norelco clipper/trimmer and am pretty disappointed in the shaving aspect, but they seem to work ok for trimming body hair. Just did a touchup of chest and arms to test, at about 5-10mm. Can't speak to head hair or other sensitive parts. A couple other things to note: 1. They are quite a bit louder than what I'm used to for a shaver (ConairMan) but in line with the sound my Wahl hair trimmers, and 2. The trimmer is pretty heavy, again, in line with the Wahl. I suppose since I travel a bit, those two things might stand out more to my mind than some folks. So, my summary would be these are comparable to a hair trimmer, but I don't think close enough to call them a stubble trimmer, or convenient enough for facial hair, as they don't get as close as I'd like (Conair is .4mm I think without a guard) And calling them "one pass" might be a bit of a stretch. Of course I threw the box out, so I'm stuck with them, my bad. I guess I'll just keep using my Conair as long as they cut; but in fairness, I don't care so much for their guard system, so it's always something. If you get these trimmers, I just suggest opening the box carefully and holding on to everything until you know it does what you need.