PURA D'OR Organic Beard Oil (4oz / 118mL) 100% Pure- USDA Certified- Natural Leave-In Conditioner, Argan & Jojoba Oil- Mustache Care & Maintenance, Increase Softness & Strength (Packaging may vary)

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  • NO MORE ITCHY, SCRATCHY BEARD: Beard itching is most commonly caused by irritation or dryness on the skin. Our beard oil contains Vitamin E to help reduce an itchy beard, while keep it moist all day long.
  • STOP THE BEARDRUFF: Beardruff happens when the beard isn't moisturized enough. PURA D’OR oil for beard acts as anti-beardruff. No more funny business. Look like a million bucks.
  • TURN SOME HEADS: This beard oil penetrates straight to the follicle allowing for better beard hair growth from the root. It encourages a soft and healthy-looking beard at any length.
  • GET YOUR CONFIDENCE BACK: Clogged follicles cause acne on the skin under the beard. The beard oil unclogs pores and eliminates dead cells to clear acne and ingrown hairs so you can gain your style and confidence back.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Healthy beard, happy customers. We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our beard care products, let us know and we will give you a FULL refund.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on June 29, 2023
My new favorite beard treatment. I use a straightener first to get control of my wavy facial hair then use this oil in the morning using 2 droppers for each application. This oil leaves my normally course beard hair super soft and a little bit shiny, not like plastic beard shiny, but a nice shine. It has a light fragrance and is a breeze to get off my hands when I’m done. An hour before bed I repeat the application and wake up with a still soft beard. I don’t know if it’s helping the growth or not as my hair has always grown kinda fast.
Reviewed on May 21, 2023
I was using Shea Moisture beard oil before purchasing this product from Pura D’or. This beard oil is far superior. The fragrance is very nice blend of awesome essential oils. It’s smells fresh and clean. It smells like warm vanilla creamsicle with a touch of citrus at first which then tones down to a nice warm masculine scent that’s very light. You won’t even notice it’s there. I get compliments all the time on how good it smells. It’s nice to know that others can smell it, but I’m not bombarded with it all day long. Compared to Shea Moisture that felt like it just sat in my beard all day long this product actually soaks in to my beard and the skin beneath. It actually conditions your hair. I occasionally touch my beard (nervous habit) and I don’t have to wipe my fingers/hands off on my pants afterwards. With Shea Moisture I did. It was annoying. Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. 10/10
Reviewed on July 26, 2023
It works and the price is great. I also enjoy the subtle scent. I have no complaints
Reviewed on July 25, 2023
Never having used beard oil before, I have nothing with which to compare the quality of this product. My issue, my disappointment is with the lack of a scent. I was under the impression that Puro d’Oro had a citrus scent. In the reviews I read, there was a lot of discussion about the scent, how long it lasted, etc. Plain & simple, THERE IS NO SCENT! Ergo, my disappointment. Ergo, I would not purchase this product again and would not recommend it, if you are looking for a scented beard oil. Thank you.
Reviewed on August 25, 2022
Way less per ounce and has lasted awhile. The value seemed good for what it is. Had a very light lemon citrus smell I don't notice after putting on. Quick loosely related rant. I know it's nuts to get bent out of shape over inexpensive health care products but we all need to put in a little effort and vote with our Dollar. My midwest cheap kicked in and then a bit of riteous anger over injustice. America has legalized corruption amd criminality. It's so blatant when it comes to our health though. After a rabbit hole everything that has ever been sold at a drug store is a complete price gauging racket. They are still acting like radio shack. They call their products consumable essential goods ie were gonna charge what we want cause you seem desperate. It's really parasitic elite evil that would probably off themselves if they couldn't delusionally lie to themselves that they are helping sick people. Pharma bro was not the problem he was a distraction to appease the masses. Harry's razors are 1/3 price make a better product and still make a killing. Same could easily be said about all healthcare and we know how to fix it, be healthier and pay less. Mark Cuban seems like an actual hero compared to that bunch. CVS made 192 billion last year, yeah with a B. Healthcare is the 3rd leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease you know those other two that have skyrocketed because of Milton Freedman, Chicago School of Economics trained CEO's willing to put profits over everything including peoples lives. Insulin's creator never filed a patent and gave it to as a gift to humanity and these big health demons took that gift for themselves through pharma bro under the bus while a genetic drug cost so much diabetics died.
Reviewed on February 26, 2023
All organic ingredients at a very good price. Unless you plan to shave your beard off, why buy oil in a 1 or 2 ounce bottle? I understand that you can't buy the stuff by the quart because it'll go bad, but this is a 4 ounce bottle, which is a good compromise. Give it a try.
Reviewed on May 03, 2023
I got my boyfriend this beard oil because he complained of patchy spots in his facial hair. When he used this semi consistently (3x a week) we noticed hair growth and his beard was much softer, not as prickly. Overall, this product was exactly what we were searching for and didn't bother his skin.
Reviewed on October 08, 2022
I bought this beard oil because it is made in the USA and I liked the ingredients. Unfortunately, I don't like the smell very much. It has grown on me a bit but is still far from my favorite. The good news is that the smell doesn't seem to last (or, I get used to it quickly), so I'm not smelling it all day long... So, what does it smell like? Well, it has a citrus vibe (not surprising given that it contains grapefruit and bergamut oil). It also contains sandalwood (which I love), but I think the Sandalwood and the citrus clash (at least inside *my* nose). So, it smells somewhat confused. "Am I on a tropical beach or deep in the woods somewhere?" Performance has been good overall. I have very dry skin, especially beneath my beard, and this has kept beard dandruff mostly at bay. It doesn't take much either (granted, I have a fairly short beard). It's a good overall value. Solid product for the price. I just wish I liked the smell of it more...