Rubie's Men's Value Santa Beard and Wig Set

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • White beard and wig set
  • Bring a touch of magic to your Santa costume
  • Value priced, basic beard and wig set
  • One size fits most adults
  • Look for all of Rubie's Santa costumes and accessories in sizes and styles for the entire family

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 20, 2023
Easy to manage, kids love it
Reviewed on August 02, 2023
Paid for a $25 beard/wig and got a $25 beard/wig at best. It's very fake and shiny and not the best quality. It met the need for what I was willing to pay for.
Reviewed on December 31, 2019
Over all this thing is fine... just some modifications you'll want to make. I had to wear this for 18 hours over 2 days. After about 1 hour, I had to remove it & just go with the rest of the outfit & then I wore it again for the finally.. (private event with adults who knew I wasn't the real Santa) The inside of the mouth hole is full of errant hairs & abrasive mesh that the hair is affixed to. After I used the beard, unfortunately, I came up with a hack I'll try if I have to wear again. I'm going to rubber cement in some felt around the needed area on the inside so as to make for a more pleasant inside experience. This should glue down the bothersome hairs & the abrasive mesh. The whole thing looks pretty good & secures pretty well. The elastic has 2 bands.. Sort of one around back of head above ears & the other about 3 inches higher. This makes for some decent pressure on the face. I ended up with cheek creases from the pressure as well as the feeling I just got braces on my teeth. My head is a little larger than normal at 7 3/8 hat size but so some modifications might need to be made for really long term use. All in all, a pretty good quality product that didn't require much primping to make it work. The bangs on the wig are a bit odd... almost curly like they are trying to fake for long eyebrows.. Decent for the money.
Reviewed on December 02, 2022
basic hair and beard, works great, looks good. Has a loop on either side of the beard to loop on your ears.
Reviewed on December 09, 2022
I work with a Santa. The beard was nice but did not meet the professional expectations. The mustache piece needed to be glued in and the straps did not help support the mustache. The wig was a little shorter then desired. * The company was wonderful. They were responsive and quick with a refund and helping the item be returned. Would definitely do business with the company again. The beard just was not up to the needed expectations for a daily professional use.
Reviewed on November 12, 2022
This set is fantastic in fit and appearance! I tightened the beard elastic a little and it stays tight all through a 25 minute performance. Very very warm but you can remedy with a small ice pack in a cloth bag on elastic around your neck with the pack on the back of your neck. I don’t think you will find anything better unless you go with a professional set at near $200.
Reviewed on December 21, 2022
The beard doesn't look like the picture, but it's fine. Bright white and curly, I like it. However, the ear loops don't work so well; the beard hangs down, and doesn't stay in place well. I had to add some wide elastic bands which I attached to the ear loops. One band goes behind my head, the other goes on top of my head under the wig, to hold it in place.