Schick Hydro Dry Skin Razor — Razor for Men with Dry Skin with 5 Razor Blades (Packaging / Color May Vary)

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  • Lasting hydration – The Schick Hydro Dry Skin Razor hydrates while you shave and keeps skin moisturized for up to 2 hours after.
  • Ancient, time-tested ingredient – Formulated with Japanese rice bran oil and specially designed for shaving dry skin.
  • Prioritizing protection – Dermatologist-tested and equipped with Skin Guards on all 5 blades for a close shave that minimizes friction and irritation.
  • A custom shave – Shock Absorb handle adapts to every face to reduce nicks, cuts, and irritation.
  • Flip-back trimmer – With a simple flip, you can unlock a game-changing precision trimmer that’s clutch for getting under your nose or evening off facial hair.
  • The color of the razor handle may vary

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on January 15, 2023
Schick, the best a (Wo)man can get! Way back when I was in High School, my mom would get me the girly razor brands. I remember cutting myself almost every time, because the blades were dull & it just wasn't constructed well. I'd have to go over and over the same area, and push down to get a clean, close (as much as possible anyhow) shave. However, as many of you know, once you get to college, no matter how many hours you work, you NEVER seem to have enough money. This led me to the Razor section at Meijer (a regional store like Wal-Mart, but they've been around here longer, their prices are better, and they treat their employees SO much better [my brother worked there]) looking at the refill cartridges for the women's razor was SO expensive, so I had 2 choices, a men's bundle-a razor with 4 extra cartridges, for almost HALF the cost of just a few women's cartridges, OR those lovely plastic disposables, that are akin to using a cheese grater on your legs! Thus began my relationship with Schick! Men's razors are made to be used on the most delicate & most visible place, his face, so they are constructed with more elasticity, (I'm not sure how to convey my next point, so I'll put it in terms that I hope will make sense:) where the razor head meets the cartridge, men's razors- and this Schick model is an EXCELLENT example- they've built it to be similar to the shock absorbers on your vehicle, the cartridge is able to move up & down, and tilt, so in addition to the wonderful moisturizing strip (Gillette's is good, but having tried MANY different styles, both Gillette AND Schick, I've found that THIS particular model has the best moisturizing strip & it lasts the longest,) the razor just glides across your skin like skis on fresh new snow! Every year I purchase one of these bundles, & it usually lasts the entire year. If you take care of your blades, they can last a long time! Don't store your razor IN the shower, that leads to rust, and not only will that decrease the life of the blade by making it dull, but you don't want to have to get a tetanus shot and stitches! Every few swipes, tap the side of the razor to try to shake loose any impacted hair, and when you're done, clean it out really good, (I find that a toothpick or q-tip work well,) for the same reason as above, if you leave those wet hairs all crammed in there, you're building a rust farm. I'm always happy with my bundle, but this year, with the sensitive skin & moisturizing components, this is the best razor I've ever had!
Reviewed on July 08, 2023
I’ve used these for years. ( for reference, I can grow a full beard in about 7-10 days) Love the swivel head, love the way I can flip the guard out of the way for close up trim and nose. They last a LONG time and work great
Reviewed on March 09, 2023
Hydro blades were my favorite until 2020. It seems that the blades were far less comfortable and less durable during 2020-2022. I have tried several brands, but none could compare with Schick pre 2020. I decided to try again and they are good.
Reviewed on April 02, 2023
I’ve been frugal with razors until now. This is worth every single penny and hands down the smoothest and most comfortable shave you of my life.
Reviewed on April 19, 2021
If you have read many of the reviews for this razor you have seen how Gillette's misandry drove many to look for other options. I am in this category as well - despite the high cost I never thought of switching until Gillette decided to "educate" all us neanderthal men about how stinking bad we are and how we should be as woke as they are. Shockingly, when considering product purchases I feel features and benefits are most important instead of how leftist and "woke" the manufacturer can be. So wanting to never give them my business again I tried the Amazon branded product and was disappointed. Then I tried this one and it is sweet - as good or better than Gillette and none of the leftist nonsense. You can't go wrong with this razor - my wife also gives it 2 thumbs up for closeness! She is now getting rid of her Gillette Venus razors as well as she can assure you I am nothing like the sweeping generalizations characterized in the offending Gillette advertisement. As for Gillette - they learned the hard way ... "Get Woke and Go Broke!".
Reviewed on December 07, 2022
I love this razor! it's very comfortable to use. I usually cut myself (I go too fast, always in a hurry) everytime I shave my legs especially with a new razor blade. I have yet to do so with this razor. definitely would buy again!