Seaboat Electric Shaver for Men - Waterproof 3D Rotary Electric Razor with Pop Up Beard Trimmer Wet and Dry Use, Rechargeable Cordless for Daily Use

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    Reviewed on August 14, 2022
    Update** today it got so loud that it can no longer be used. It sounds like an airplane taking off. It doesn't shave anymore. I wouldn't buy this again. looks cheap. Feels cheap. Sounds cheap. Probably won't last long... But if it does, it is great! It is kind of loud. The area that collects the hair is very cheap. When cleaning, it's hard to get it just right. If it isn't just right, loud noises happen. I our purchased replacement heads for my Norelco, and this cheap razer, on the same day, for the same price. I have been using this instead of my Norelco. It works very well. The battery drops fast, but it uses usb-c to charge so that is nice! (Especially for travel) but I know this was just a way to save money lol. Overall, I'd buy it again. Kind of shocked it even works at all, for how cheap it is.
    Reviewed on September 07, 2022
    This electric razor is very easy to use and super convenient. I been using this electric razor for few weeks, and I been only charge once when I received the product, it’s been few weeks no need to charge, the main thing I like this electric razor because it is really speed and convenient, when I almost late to work, using this electric razor won’t take time at all. And shave very clean.
    Reviewed on July 23, 2022
    First I was attracted by its appearance, I couldn't help loving it. It is almost silent, smooth, gentle and easy. My husband loves this machine, I see him using it every day, he doesn't complain once, it lets him shave well!
    Reviewed on July 26, 2022
    One of my boys has recently started growing a little dirt 'stache. I hate those, so I got him this shaver as a starter shaver. It was decently reviewed, inexpensive, simple, and pretty. He really didn't need much. He was insisting he didn't need it at all, so it had to be appealing. When it arrived, he became very interested. He rubbed it along his upper lip, and the dirt 'stache disappeared! I'm sure he will use it more frequently in the coming months and years. The more interesting part is that his older brother, who has a beard by now, took it to try it. He loved it. He shaved around the area where he doesn't let the beard grow and was impressed with the precision and closeness. He proclaimed it "better than his shaver," which is a name brand, much more expensive one. He asked me to get him his own to take to college. Given the price, it was not a problem. Battery life is decent, since I don't think either of them have charged them after a few weeks, but they don't get a lot of use. Simple to use right out of the box. I can't personally attest to its greatness, but for teen boys, it seems like it's a winning product.
    Reviewed on August 01, 2022
    Addenda. I have changed this review from 4 stars to 5. When, many years ago, I purchased my first Norelco shave it came with a notice that it'd take a week or so for the beard to 'adjust' to the new shaver. I thought then that was likely nonsense -- just a way to stop disappointed buyers from returning the shaver when it shaved less well than the ads had promised. But now about 10 days into the use of this Norelco type shaver I have found it to be shaving much closerr than it did at first. -Especially on the shave resistant (with all shavers) neck hairs. Did my beard adjust? Or did the shaver need to somehow break in? Whatever the case this low priced rotatry shaver is now doing an excellent job. Five star excellent! * * * * * I've favored electric shavers for most of my now many years. Started with a Norelco rotary, then a Remington foil type, then back to a Norelco. But for the last 9 years I've used a Panasonic. In truth no one was really that much better than the others. -Or that much worse. All did a pretty good job. All failed for some reason with the lower neck hairs. The rest was just convenience, handling, shape and weight. The Panasonic was as good as any -- but it had a flaw: The cost of the blades and heads which were supposed to be replaced yearly. I did that after year one, and then started stretching the time period between replacments because of the cost. About $60. When the Panasoncs's head and blades just HAD to be replaced I rebelled at the cost, and bought this entire shaver for a small fraction (one fifth!) the price of just those replacement parts for the Pani. Basically it is a return to those old Norelcos. Same basic experience. Same level of shaving efficiency. This unit feels good in the hands. It is very quiet. It seems to hold a charge well (and charge quickly) Its trimmer is better than average. Its snap on cover not very well designed -- not easily attached and not too secure. And that's basically "it." Nothing great. Nothing particularly wanting. But, especially at the current sale price with a large 'coupon' discount, a truly terrific bargain. All that remains as a question is its durability. But even if it needed replacement after a few years it is a lot cheaper (and basically just as good) as the Panasonic with its expensive to replace blades.
    Reviewed on August 10, 2022
    I like this shaver , I bought for my husband.He says it’s easy to use and clean.Very reasonable price. Guiet and excellent product.