Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Balm - Styles, Strengthens & Softens Beards and Mustaches - Natural Beard Conditioner Wax with Organic Shea Butter, Tea Tree, Argan & Jojoba Oils and Vanilla Scent

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  • Stylish and Fresh - Your beard and mustache will thank you! Striking Viking Vanilla Scent Beard Balm will be the best item in your beard grooming kit. Our beard products for men will leave your beard and mustache smelling so fresh and clean all day long!
  • Natural and Organic - Our beard balm wax is made with high-quality all natural ingredients which help nourish and protect your beard and face. All balms contain Shea Butter, Tea Tree, Argan and Jojoba oils to hydrate and protect your skin and beard.
  • Styling Control and Hold - All of our balms give you the ultimate control and hold when you are styling your facial hair, no weighing down or leaving a greasy, oily feeling. Our beard grooming creams are an important addition to any beard care kit for men.
  • Goodbye Itch and Dandruff - Itching and scratching will be a thing of the past, just apply a small amount of beard balm into skin at beard roots to prevent flakes all day. Perfect beard softener and moisturizer for all skin types; normal, dry or acne prone.
  • Viking Guarantee - Try It Risk Free - The Striking Viking beard balm for men comes with a Guarantee. Just contact us if for any reason your not happy with your purchase

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 31, 2023
I ordered this because I couldn't stand the smell of the other balm that my husband was using. The vanilla is nice and mild, a much simpler scent. My husband loves how soft his beard feels after applying it. It's definitely a win for both of us!
Reviewed on July 20, 2023
This product smells amazing! It keeps my beard soft and manageable all day. It’s comparable to Viking revolution, which I also use. I will say between to two products, the quality control seemed to be lacking on the Viking revolution. I have gotten a few cans that were obviously old and dried out. I have not experienced that problem with this product.
Reviewed on July 04, 2023
This makes my mustache and beard hair softer and able to be combed easier. The vanilla smell is there but not overwhelming, it’s perfectly subtle. It allows the hair to keep its shape that you comb it to & tames those wild ones stick out a cat’s whisker. Put some on the wide gap comb teeth and work it in. Once you’ve got enough in and any snags combed out use the fine too the part of the comb to lay the hair down the way you want it.
Reviewed on July 28, 2023
I like the idea for a variety of scents. I wish there were more of a variety to choose from. These work well with my medium length beard.
Reviewed on August 02, 2023
I've been using this balm for about 2 weeks now. I got the vanilla scent in particular and I will say if you are a fan of vanilla scented things this stuff smells great. Its a pleasant scent and not too overpowering or lingering. My only gripe is that the product feels drier or harder than what I have seen or read in the other reviews and photos. When I use my finger to scoop some of the balm out I sort of have to break an outer layer that feels drier and lumps up which is something I haven't encountered with other balms I've used. It takes a bit longer to emulsify in my hand palm due to the lumps but once the balm is softened up it functions as intended. Keep in mind this issue is mostly likely isolated to my particular order. Its possible I got older product or a bad batch because as I mentioned, many other reviews don't list this as an issue. If I decide to order more or try out different scents in the future I hope the balm will be a smoother consistency.
Reviewed on May 31, 2023
The scent was nice, but the product was oily, and I every time I touched my beard my hand would come away greasy. I am adjusting my review to add a VERY positive situation with Striking Viking. Without any prompting from me the offered a FULL REFUND due to my dissatisfaction. This level of customer support is pleasant and I will be looking at other products they sell in the future. And thank you Viking, but I don't need a refund. I have found other uses, as it is true, I do like the smell. Fred
Reviewed on July 25, 2023
I bought this for my husband. This stuff made his beard smell so good!
Reviewed on July 24, 2023
Get compliments all the time how great it smells.