Tame the Wild Premium Beard Straightener Kit - Heated Beard Brush for Men - Beard Straightener Comb - Beard Grooming Kit: Heat Protectant, Beard Soap, Beard Balm, Wooden Comb & Storage Case - Gift Set

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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE KIT - An awesome gift for guys with beards, our electric essentials kit gives you all the products needed to straighten curl and volumize a beard properly in a handy storage travel case.
  • GIFTABLE KIT - Our 60-piece premium beard straightening kit comes in a high-quality, canvas travel case where you’ll find our premium beard straightener comb, orange walnut soap, beard balm, heat protectant spray, and a wooden detangler comb.
  • ORANGE WALNUT SOAP - Our men's soap's strong lather and walnut granules clear the pores of dirt, oil, and dead skin, increasing blood circulation and beard growth. Your face and body will feel clean after using our beard soap.
  • BEARD BALM - Our shea butter beard balm made with jojoba will help soften and condition your beard, relieve itchiness, and condition the skin underneath.
  • Heat Protectant Spray: Our beard spray includes aloe and keratin as well as argan, jojoba, and marula oils. Use our beard spray prior to applying heat to protect your hair and beard from root to tip.
  • HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY - Our beard spray includes aloe, keratin, argan, jojoba, and marula oils. Use our beard spray prior to applying heat to protect your hair and beard from root to tip.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 15, 2023
I was skeptical about how well this kind of "hipster" beard grooming device was going to work, but after trying it out I'm impressed. I came back from a motorcycle ride, plugged it in to heat up, washed my beard in the sink with this citrus smelling soap bar (not unpleasant, but little granular/scratchy), towel dried, spritzed with the protection spray (very light smelling), clicked it up a notch on the brush and started slowly drawing it through my beard. You can watch this thing straighten your flurry friend right before your eyes! Then a little beard balm rubbed into each palm and wiped through beard. After that a little combing with the wooden comb and DONE. I think the result was great and my wife thought so too! I'd add the continued use seems to have definitely "tamed" my beard and straightened it as promised.
Reviewed on May 24, 2023
I use this for my mustache (can't grow a beard), when I want to brush it straight out, or down this works well to help get any curls out and give it a nice look. I'd imagine if I had a beard it would make my beard glorious.
Reviewed on March 09, 2023
I have grown my beard to this point many times before and just got tired of trying to tame the beard. Heard about this product from a co-worker just in time, as I was about to shave it all off again. Beard now feels clean and maintained and not so scruffy. I was also able to recently take it on a week trip and maintain the beard. It will be the first thing I pack next time. I grow a beard really fast, but now looking to grown one amazing beard that more guys will be jealous of. Thanks!!!!!!!!
Reviewed on January 28, 2021
No issues with the seller, everything delivered as promised. Comes in a nice carry case to keep everything neat when not in use. I have only used it 2 times so far and am not seeing the hair straightening out like I want. My beard is currently less than 1 inch and (to me) feels coarse. A lot of the hairs just go whatever way they feel like. I set it on High and as I let it warm I spray my beard with the included protection spray and work it in to the hair. After using the straightener the hair especially the wild ones still seem to go in what ever direction they want. I end up using the balm and brush to hold it all in place. I am hoping with continued use and as my beard gets longer the hair will finally cooperate. Update: I let my beard grow out to just over 1.5 inches and I continued to used the beard straightener as I went. I have to say that for me I saw no improvement in it's ability to straighten my beard hairs. No matter the temp set at the beard looked the same before and after use. HOWEVER, my moustache is a totally different story. For what ever reason it works perfectly on straightening my moustache hair. Which for me is perfect as I really need it for that as the CPAP I wear at night puts a weird curl in the hairs. This straightens them out with no problem, I wish it worked as well on the rest of the facial hair.
Reviewed on April 25, 2023
I got this as a surprise for my husband. He is so pleased with it and he uses it every day.
Reviewed on January 26, 2023
My beard has never been straighter!
Reviewed on March 29, 2021
I got his for my beard, Ive been using my wife straighter to straighten my beard. I finally got tired and wanted to get something smaller and something that would be for beards. I jumped on this and it really works. If you have short hair and still less than an inch and half this will not work. You are going to need something else. The included items Soap, heat spray are great. The Soap works wonders removes residue and the wax. It smells good too, the only thing I am not sure is if the seeds or whatever the stuff on the soap is supposed to be on one side or all over. I like it being on one I use the soap to rub on my beard. The wax I used it but not to sure I like it, I will come back and update as I use it more. Lets get to the Iron, yes it works heats up quickly and it does not singe you. My wifes flat iron got me a few times. I say if you are thinking about it have longer than inch and half hair then jump on it.
Reviewed on June 25, 2020
I’m new to the beard game - a byproduct of working from home thanks to COVID-19. I never even knew a beard straightener was a thing until I grew out this mangy beard. I tried oils, balms, bore brushes, mustache wax - nothing really helped. I stumbled onto some info about beard straighteners and started looking them up on Amazon. There are a billion options to choose from - many are much cheaper than this one. After reading the reviews and searching google, I decided to gamble on this one, despite the higher price point. To start, the presentation is awesome. The carrying case is well made and fits everything nicely. I tried out the straightener for the first time this morning - and holy molly this thing works GREAT! I was VERY impressed with the results after so many other products left me hanging. It’s a well made device, despite coming out of China. Details are well thought out, such as the power cord that doesn’t get tangled up as you live the straightener around. It’s easy to use and heats up quickly. I was a little scared to put the hot straightener to my face but my fears were unfounded! It protects your skin and does it’s job of making unruly hairs submit to my will. I am very pleased with this and I strongly recommend it over the competitors. A must buy if your beard is as curly and crazy as mine is!!