The Rugged Bros Moisturizing Beard Conditioner : Leave-In Cream, Softener and Moisturizer for Beards and Mustaches - USA Made in Veteran Owned Facility with Aloe Vera, Essential Omegas and Vit E 4 oz

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  • FINEST INGREDIENTS: Our Beard Moisturizer is like a leave-in beard conditioner and is packed with the highest quality, naturally nourishing ingredients. No gross, nasty, harmful chemicals like other beard moisturizers. Pamper and soften your beard and face so you’ll always look your rugged best.
  • NOTICABLE RESULTS: This is the one and only leave-in beard conditioner for men! A soft, healthy beard is an awesome beard! Our Beard Moisturizer stimulates your beard growth, cranks up its health, and will make your beard oh so soft, shiny and touchable. Good luck keeping other people’s hands off!
  • SOOTHES ITCHING & IRRITATION: No more beard itch! No more irritating, ugly and flaky dryness. This is much more than just a leave-in beard conditioner, beard softener and beard detangler. It’s a skin moisturizer and conditioner, too. Experience sheer relief from dryness, flaking, and irritating beard itch.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Our Beard Moisturizer is made right here in America. It’s an honor that our facility proudly hires and supports our incredible, badass veterans. They know about ruggedness and respect. Their care and attention ensure our beard conditioner products are as great as they are.
  • OUR PROMISE: We stand by YOU as much as we stand by our Beard Moisturizer for men and all our products. If you’re not 100% happy in any way with this leave-in beard conditioner and moisturizer, simply contact us via Amazon and we’ll take the best care of you.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on February 16, 2023
I must start off by apologizing to this company. I should not have sent an angry message. This company responded very quickly to my inquiry and immediately found my order. They delivered an amazing product. I don't like the residue that most beard oils have that rubs off on everything. This moisturizer stays on the beard, keeps the hair moist, and moisturizes the skin. My beard does not dry out when I use my beard straightener. Awesome company and amazing product!!!!
Reviewed on October 30, 2022
Good so far. Goes on easy. Softens. The pump is a little wonky but it works. I like it!
Reviewed on October 21, 2022
Just not for me. Didn't like it.
Reviewed on March 07, 2022
When I was first growing facial hair in college I was getting really chapped lips caused by my mustache rubbing against my lips. After months of applying chap stick religiously I finally found this product which eliminated the need to apply chapstick and totally moisturized the skin underneath my mustache while applying oils to my mustache as well! Live and die by this product cannot find anything else just like it!
Reviewed on January 27, 2019
I purchased this product after trying many others ( I think this is number 16 ) and this is the best I have used so far. I have very coarse and unruly facial hair. Without a good softener / moisturizer my beard is a real pain. This product has truly helped. Does a very good job keeping my beard softer and can be applied several times a day without getting to oily. My only complaint, which is the reason for the loss of one star is the sent. The smell is a little odd at first until you get used to it. If it was offered with better scents it would absolutely be a five star product.
Reviewed on February 23, 2020
This product is effective at softening and conditioning your beard. While maybe a bit pricey for the size of the bottle it holds up to it’s intention. HOWEVER, please note the scent is very strong, unfortunately I found it to be nauseating and unbearable in my own opinion. Thus not able to use it more than two or three tries. But overall it works very well.
Reviewed on December 05, 2019
After having an issue where my lips were beyond chapped and I had been reapplying chapstick every 10 minutes and I could not figure out how to fix the issue without shaving fully. I had gotten this for an issue my upper lip was having after my first time growing facial hair, I have used oils and beard balm in attempt to help it but nothing helped until this product. This product I apply twice daily before I go to sleep and after I wash my face later in the day. And after a few minutes of use I immediately felt relief, overall definitely purchasing again!
Reviewed on January 22, 2018
Okay, First I have to say, as a wife l love the smell of this stuff, I am really big on smells, but the main reason I ordered this was because my husbands beard has gotten more course feeling as he gets older, idk why? but, THIS Actually works, thank goodness it doesn’t feel like a million needles poking my lips anymore! Like I said the smell is good it doesn’t have an over baring manly smell it almost smells sweet! Shipping was fast too!