Tooletries - Beard Scrubber - Silicone Facial Hair Exfoliator & Brush - Deep Cleans, Unclogs Pores, Promotes Hair Growth, & Removes Beardruff - Soft-Touch Shower & Bathroom Accessory - Charcoal

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  • READY TO GET RUGGED - Want to go from mediocre man hair to magnificent mane? Grab our Beard scrubber, with a rugged build, bespoke bristles, and ergonomic handle it will give your facial hair the deepest clean, plus it feels magical on your face
  • FOR A DEEPER CLEAN - The scrubber has a 100% silicone design with unique bristles to offer a deep clean while removing dirt and oil that accumulates on the skin beneath the beard, which results in your beard and skin feeling soft and rejuvenated
  • FACE THE FACTS - We're not saying it's the greatest experience for your face, but the scrubber exfoliates for a deep clean, removes 'beardruff', boosts circulation, and promotes hair growth all while feeling great. So we're also not not saying that
  • GET YOUR SCRUB ON - To turn your facial hair into the manly mane you want, first, wet your beard, then add your favorite beard wash directly to the bespoke scrubber, massage it onto your beard, and finally give it a rinse
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - The Bear Scrubber measures in at 3.5" x 3" x 1.7" / 8.9cm x 7.6cm x 4.3cm, making it easy to keep in the shower and take with you when you travel

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 19, 2023
If you have a beard and actually care about yourself, buy this. It's great to get all up I'm there when shampooing my beard. It helps detangle and clean my face. The little sucker on the back is a nice touch to stick to the wall in the shower for storage.
Reviewed on June 25, 2023
I've used this for a week now and already noticed a difference in my skin and beard. The bristles are more rigid than I expected so the first few times I washed my beard with it, it was a bit uncomfortable. Quickly got used it and just ran it under the warm water for a min before I used it. Fixed the problem. It really works the skin and beard. Pulled a lot more loose hair then what I was using before. Skin felt refreshed and the beard felt, just cleaner? If that's a word to describe it. I recommend trying this out.
Reviewed on August 01, 2023
The silicone bristles are pretty firm and pointier than most others, but that's better for exfoliation of the skin under the beard, which is a main purpose of these types of brushes. The only reason I gave 4 instead of five is that it does not come with the shower hook as stated and shown in the product description pictures.
Reviewed on July 15, 2023
If you have any length on your beard this is required. Look…Men…beard flakes. We all get them. This eliminates them. My wife even noticed that she hasn’t complained about beard flakes on my shirts. My wife…complains…less. What else do I need to say?
Reviewed on June 28, 2023
I bought this for my boyfriend who has a full long beard and he LOVES it! He was worried it would get tangled in his long beard but no worries there! He says he gets a good deep cleanse with it and he even uses it on his scalp and has noticed a reduction with his dandruff.
Reviewed on May 19, 2023
This beard/facial scrubber works pretty well, ESPECIALLY if you have a beard. But ALSO it's a good prepping tool for roughing up the skin before following up with the actual Face scrubber to remove the dead skin and more focused cleaning of the face. Future reference: I'd make the future models with (slightly) SMALLER Teeth and therefore more of them if possible for a finer detail work, particularly for Beards, especially for the guys who have thicker, fuller beards for again, finer detail brushing of any beard.
Reviewed on June 04, 2023
I don't really use it for a beard. I use it as a travel size scalp massager and it fits great in my top kit and it still works really well as a scalp massager.
Reviewed on June 09, 2023
Love this! It really helps me scrub my hair good. I also use it for my beard which works great!