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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL SHAVING KIT FOR HEAD TO TOE USE - This is a high quality all in one machine that includes 7 trimmer heads, 10 hair combs and a base. Covers all hair cutting tasks, from hair, face, beard, nose, ear, body, pubic area. This is professional men's grooming kit and gifts for him.
  • HIGH BATTERY LIFE AND RECHARGEABLE - The electric razor has a built-in lithium battery that provides 2 weeks of trimming sessions on its 60-mins, plus a cordless design and LCD display, all of these are essential for use when traveling.
  • EXCELLENT TRIMMING ABILITY - The steel blade of the hair trimmer is sharp enough to allow you to cut more accurate, its sharp blade can easily cut through fine, heavy hair/mustache without slowing down or pulling. The hair cutting with T liner blade can achieve zero gap, liner and edger.
  • 5 STARS PERFORMANCE - With a motor that speeds up to 6500RPM, the beard kit delivers a quiet and efficient shaving experience. Plus, it's waterproof for use in the shower and easy cleaning, wet and dry.
  • OUR HIGHLIGHTS -⭐︎Metal body, great steampunk look, gorgeous and unique. ⭐︎ Add 3 more beauty accessories: 1 trim head and 2 adjustable guide combs. ⭐︎ An improved switch button for ease of use.
  • ADVICE FROM A MAN: I'm sure your husband/dad/boyfriend will love this cool birthday gifts! 😎
  • VIP CUSTOMER SERVICE: Enjoy 12 months of hassle-free returns, even if you miss the refund window.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on May 17, 2023
Just got this trimmer today, and I must say its made a great first impression. Built nice and solid, hefty but not bulky. It has a very elegant relief pattern on the body of the device, which is made of metal. When I got this, I was primarily in the market for a nose hair trimmer. However, when I saw this, I new I was in for a good deal as I was meaning to get these other tools at some point down the line, and so far the ones I've tried and tested work just as they should. My one complaint is that the organizer/dock/bay/station -whatever you want to call it- does not have enough slots or space for all of the attachments and blade guards that it comes with, even with one attachment already on the device. I hate to make a big deal out of it since it doesn't really impede on the quality or performance of the product itself, but I feel like this isn't an unreasonable thing to ask, and is worth noting. It's an odd choice to say the least. As I've said before, I haven't had this thing for longer than 24 hours. So who knows how my opinion will change over time? I have yet to put the battery to the test, but I do have high expectations considering the experience so far. I like that it is battery operated so I don't have to fiddle with a persnickety cable. Its an all around great product that I highly recommend. Four enthusiastic thumbs up!
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
I got this primarily to shave the old chrome dome and all the extra knick knacks were kind of just a bonus. But overall, extremely impressed with the quality and the removable heads make it super easy to clean and swap out so I can get everything done in one single shave session. It's a little tacky looking but it's definitely grown on me and looks nice in the bathroom. Battery life has been amazing nearly 2 weeks fresh out of box and hasn't needed juice once.
Reviewed on July 31, 2023
Maybe you will be different but for me I only use two or maybe three of the many attachments. It's probably good to have so many, but when the dust clears you will settle into the two to three or four attachments that you actually use. That being said. The unit is quieter than I expected, hefty and easy to use.
Reviewed on August 02, 2023
This product is an excellent purchase for the price especially if you have a guy or person in your life who likes to keep beards trim. The case or holder for this device is a little flimsy but good for sitting on the counter.
Reviewed on July 18, 2023
The Trimmer itself is classy. The trimmer has every type of attachment you can think of. It is precise and I have never been more happy with this type of purchase. The charge lasts weeks and has a digital reading built in the handle that tells you how much of a charge you have left.
Reviewed on June 28, 2023
This trimmer is truly impressive, particularly in terms of its solid build quality. From the moment I held it in my hands, I could feel the sturdiness and durability. The trimmer is expertly crafted with high-quality materials, giving it a substantial and reliable feel. It's reassuring to know that I have a robust tool that will withstand regular use. Additionally, the trimmer's solid construction contributes to its smooth and precise performance. It effortlessly glides through my beard, providing accurate trimming and shaping with ease. I'm thoroughly impressed with this beard trimmer and its solid feel, making it a valuable addition to my grooming routine.
Reviewed on July 16, 2023
I am impressed with the product and it's features. There are a lot of attachments that can be difficult to keep track of, but as they say, "you can't have too many of a good thing." Battery life is impressive, but that comes with a heavier than usual shaver. It's definitely worthy the money!
Reviewed on July 15, 2023
Excellent product. While other products may have some bells and whistles missing here, I found this trimmer to be an excellent purchase for the price. It’s a bargain. It’s excellent quality and with a little practice it’s an easy trimmer. To release the shaver head push the higher end upwards and it will pop off.