Unbearded Bundle for Men, Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturizer, Scrub & Body Balm for Essential Body Care, Best Precision Tweezers

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  • Engineered for Men - When it comes to male Skincare Regime you need high-performance products ensuring personal hygiene and luxurious protection formulated for men. Golden brings men quality skin care, Free of Chemicals, SLS, & Parabens. Men’s Products are formulated to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize men’s unique skin. He will - get clean, look sharp, and smell good all day long!! INCLUDES "TO THE ONE I LOVE" GIFT TAG
  • Exclusive Formula - Naturally formulated with Shea butter, and Pure essential oils. Unbearded Bundle will hydrate, renew and restore skin, leaving your body feeling soft and nourished with every use. Unbearded Bundle includes essential oils and aromatherapy benefits which will induce peace & relaxation.
  • Hair Removal - Your go-to tweezer for meticulous hair removal, Tweezer makes your grooming routine and prepping for eye makeup easy
  • Solid Cologne Balm - Men don't have time screw around with overpowering sprays that leave them smelling like the perfume lady at the mall. This solid cologne balm allows for precision scent application.
  • Luxurious Gift - Give the gift of soothing skincare. Is there any better way to treat yourself, husband, or your loved ones, other than a wellbeing boost of sheer manly bath indulgence? Impress your special man with a deluxe relaxation gift. Ideal Holiday presents, Christmas, anniversary, wedding, thank you gifts, Father’s day gift ideas, special guy’s birthday gifts for him, boyfriend, husband. Men of any age will enjoy this kit.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 24, 2022
It has a manly fragrance
Reviewed on April 27, 2022
I am always on the lookout for "THE BEST" grooming product/products, the one that makes me stop looking. This product...is not the that one. But I do like the components overall. Exfoliating Scrub - Not super abrasive and a little "medicinal" in scent but I can feel it powering through the dirt and grease on my face. Body Wash - Nice pleasing scent and makes me feel clean and refreshed. Body Balm - Amazing. Nice scent. Really makes my dry elbows feel renewed and moisturized. Cologne - Not bad but not my favorite scent-wise. Tweezers - I am not into Man-scaping so not overly useful to me but they seem durable.
Reviewed on June 14, 2022
I've been trying out many different self care products, some have worked wonderfully, while others aren't that great. In my experience with this self care bundle kit from Golden, it's alright, not the best but also not the worst. I'll be reviewing each product individually and what results I got from them. BEARD AND HAIR SHAMPOO - Left my hair feeling a bit soft and did lather up good but I felt that it didn't left me clean as other shampoos I have used before. I don't really like the fragrance that was chosen for it either. BODY WASH - Left my skin feeling a bit rough and didn't lather up as well as the shampoo did. As well, I didn't like the fragrance that was chosen for it. FACE WASH - I had to shake the product before applying or a watery substance would just come out. The fragrance is alright like the other products. When I used it, it did clean my skin but not as good as other face washes I've used before. DEEP EXFOLIATING SCRUB - It did a before job at cleaning my face than the face wash and it left my face feeling smooth. As usual, the fragrance isn't the best. FACE MOISTURIZER  - The face moisturizer is sorta watery but dries up and doesn't make your skin look shiny like cream. I feel that it does give me coverage but I don't like the fragrance. BODY BALM - It has the consensity sorta like vaseline and has the look and smell as their lip balm they sell. Feels that it does moisturizes my skin to an extent. Just like the other products the fragrance is alright. I didn't not received the solid cologne nor tweezers so I can't leave a review for them but overall it's an alright kit, it's mostly the fragrance that doesn't smell that good, I understand they're going for a clean or fresh scent to the products but this just isn't it.
Reviewed on April 18, 2022
Really nice products! They all have their own scent, but all are good and very light. Ranging from sweet candy like washes to mango coconut balms. The cologne is a mild lemon/lavender, VERY light...Gives more of a clean scent than an attractive cologne scent (which is fine by me). Every one of the products does it's job extremely well. Particularly impress by the face lotion. Leaves my skin soft and smooth, very refreshed looking. My only questionable thing is they state "Made in Detroit" which is great...BUT they products only state "Manufactured for Golden..." IDK if that is intentional trick wording or if it's just mfg by another company in the USA (hopefully)
Reviewed on June 24, 2022
My son says this is a Great moisturizing body balm and beard oil with nice scent. He has another set and likes how pampered he feels. Perfect for any gift.
Reviewed on April 30, 2022
This is the first Golden Grooming order I placed, and it might be the best so far. $24.99 for all of these products is a great deal, and a great introduction to their line. The travel sizes are convenient but will also last many men a good while. The scents are mostly pleasant and not too strong, so even if they're not your preference, they're not too heavy or offensive. The packaging is handsome. I did receive the gift box included, but I will say whether a box was included or arrived in giftable condition, i.e. didn't double as the actual shipping box, has been hit and miss. What really set this apart for me is the customer service. This bundle was missing the beard balm, so I reached out to Golden Grooming, and they courteously and promptly sent a replacement. They included the beard oil as well! With all the products on the market, it's really hard to stand out. Customer service that goes above and beyond makes a huge impression on me. I've been sharing these products with all the men I know and haven't gotten any negative feedback. That's the other nice thing about these bundles. Many of them beat the price of similar, single products, and even if you get something you didn't want or extras, they're wonderful to share. Even alone, they look quite nice.
Reviewed on May 04, 2022
I got this for my husband, since he has been growing a beard for a few months now. He was very impressed and happy with his little gift! They are all nice travel size and the face moisturizer and the body balm smell amazing.
Reviewed on April 24, 2022
This is a really nice set! Everything smells amazing and feels nourishing. Each item has a different scent yet they all compliment one another. I ordered this for my husband and he was so excited to get an entire kit just for him! I think that sometimes guys get overlooked when it comes to getting pampered but everyone deserves special treatment! This would make an excellent gift for a husband, father, son, brother, or family member. I would definitely recommend any of the products by Golden.