Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner For Men - Natural Beard Softener Set with Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Ginseng - Tea Tree Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set (5 Oz)

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  • Top-tier Beard Care Kit - Formulated to aid in healthy beard growth, this beard wash and conditioner for men hydrates, cleans and softens, giving your beard shine and life.
  • No Itching or Irritation - With this beard and face wash, say goodbye to itchy irritated skin. And get rid of beard dandruff with the Tea Tree Oil dandruff treatment properties. Wash and condition your beard, and look and feel great.
  • Lather up - Our beard wash set deeply cleans and nourishes, making it an excellent beard softener. With just a little beard shampoo in your hand, add water, massage into your beard and the rich lather does the rest.
  • Contains Natural Beard Oil - This beard maintenance set is made with our top Beard Oil to give you the deepest moisturization and best beard growth conditioner possible, making it the best addition to your grooming and care routine.
  • The Viking Promise - If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us, and we’ll take care of it.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 24, 2023
I started secretly useing this for my own hair as shampoo and conditioner. My husband uses it for his beard and Idk how it's going for him but I LOVE it. My hair feels so light and soft. Its bizarre how clean and nice it feels considering how many products as a woman I have tryed- wouldnt have thought id get results like this from beard care products! The smell is what made me try it! The smell is like lemon lime to me and I get a nice wiff hours later if my hair is blowing around. I'm tempted to buy the actual hair shampoo and conditioner but this works so well I don't want to jinx it! Anyway I recommend sharing with your wives...
Reviewed on July 30, 2023
I think this is my favorite beard wash so far. Smells good and feels good
Reviewed on June 05, 2023
Smells a bit funky at first, but as a starter for doing more with taking care of my beard, it's definitely a solid product. I dropped the bottle a couple times and it still holds up so that's a plus
Reviewed on March 31, 2023
I did read the reviews ahead of time, so wasn’t taken completely off guard, but this scent is an assault on your nostrils, no doubt. Want to know about it before hand? Dip some Q Tips in Vicks VapoRub and cram them up your nose. BUT the product has worked incredibly well. Noticeably softer beard, my skin feels better, and the scent grows on you after awhile. Really wakes you up in the morning. Good news, the scent doesn’t follow you out of the shower and you’re free to oil it up with your favorite oil. Also appreciate the quantity you get. Most beard shampoo come in small bottles for a high price. You get your moneys worth and then some here
Reviewed on June 21, 2023
OK so at first I thought this liquid was going to come out green because the bottle is green but no it came out clear all and they smell amazing I love my husband watches his bed with us. I love it he loves it my sister loved it so much that she took a picture of it so she can order it for her boyfriend
Reviewed on February 18, 2023
The shampoo/beard wash is excellent! The smell may take some getting used to, but it's not off-putting like some suggest. It cleans facial hair well and significantly reduces dandruff/flaky beards. The conditioner has the same smell, so read above. However, it does only as well as a regular hair conditioner, which means it does very little to smooth your beard. So I will still be resorting to a good oil or balm. That said, I'd like to have had the option to get the wash only. Hence, my three stars (five for the wash, one for the conditioner, resulting in an average of three). UPDATE MAR.01, 2023: Customer support is excellent! Having heard of my issue, they promptly replied and fixed it by sending me a replacement. That said, they would be better off selling the wash and conditioner separately, as the conditioner does little to smooth my beard (and I repeat: I loved the wash, five starts to it!). I am raising one star in my review for their attentive and responsive customer support.
Reviewed on March 01, 2023
I have been a fan of Viking Revolution since their founding, and regularly use their products. I normally get the Sandalwood set, but decided to try this new product out as my skin tends to get irritated under my beard due to a medical condition. Upon receiving the package, one of the pumps was broken. Not a big deal for me since i have extras, and this is on amazon packaging not the product or seller as it was banged up. As for the product itself, the smell is VERY strong when using it at first. The smell is a very strong citrus almost like cleaner. After using and washing out the product the smells much more subdued and not an issue anymore. As for the "hydrating and soothing," it definitely does, my beard was noticeably softer and my skin felt much better. Overall, I highly recommend anything Viking Revolution, and for this product, it works amazingly well.
Reviewed on March 28, 2023
The first time I used a Viking Revolution product was when my wife ordered me the Sandalwood beard wash and conditioner and I absolutely loved it. In less than a few days I could already tell the difference, so when I had the opportunity to try the Tea Tree version I jumped at it. Now I've tried tea tree shampoo for my hair before and the products I've used in the past had a much different scent than Viking Revolution's product here so it was definitely the only thing that I didn't enjoy as much as the Sandalwood wash from Viking Revolution. Scent really all boils down to personal preference, however. Now what really matters is if the product does what it says? Hydrating, CHECK. Soothing, CHECK. It's great for me because I work as a Heavy Equipment Operator in the mines of North Georgia and my beard is subjected to all kinds of elements. Sometimes my beard is dried out and just looks bad after work. Sometimes those conditions effect my skin under the beard too, making it dry and uncomfortable. One week using the Tea Tree wash and conditioner and I can feel and see the difference not only in my beard but my skin as well. It's a great product all around and my beard looks better than ever as a result and I haven't had any issues with dry skin. Viking Revolution overall delivers great products that are packaged well and does exactly what it says it does. I'd be hard pressed to go to any other brand for my beard care needs.