Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Slate Beard Trimmer for Men - Electric Shaver, Nose Ear Trimmer, Rechargeable All in One Men's Grooming Kit - Model 9864

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  • All-in-One Beard Trimmer – Featuring 4 different attachment heads, a wide T-Blade for beards and mustache trimming, haircuts, touchups, body grooming, & detailing. The precision detailer head is for details, clean up, & complex designs.
  • Hygienic Grooming – Our rotary ear & nose trimmer head provides a hygienic grooming experience by keeping your nose and ear trimming separate, & our dual foil shaver head is best for ultra-close shaves.
  • Months Without Charging – Lithium Ion 2.0+ technology allows for 6 hours of continuous run time on a single charge for months of usage between charges. Our beard clipper features almost no loss of charge during storage.
  • 9 Individual Guide Combs – Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ allows for a wide variety of cutting lengths with included guide combs; Features 8 T-blade guide combs for haircuts from short (1/16”) to long (1/2”) and an adjustable 10-position guide comb.
  • Worldwide Voltage – With 6 hours of run time, our Lithium-Ion 2.0+ is great for travel, vacation, business trips, and more. Worldwide voltage means you can use no matter what country you’re in, 110v, 220v, or dual voltage.

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Reviewed on January 25, 2016
I travel a lot and happened to be back in the US for the first time in awhile so I took this opportunity to get another hair clipper. I have other Wahl clippers but all are several years old as Wahl clipper just seem never to stop working. I have a Wahl clipper from when I was a child that's still working and I've picked up a few more since then usually at times when I was traveling and didn't bring my clippers and needed one. However, I decided to get a cordless clipper this time as that'd be easier for traveling. I also needed universal power so I didn't have to carry around a large power adaptor or worry at all about the power input of the clipper--most of the older Wahl's seem to be single power input and won't switch. Wahl has always been just fine but I am not one fixated on brand so I'll get what ever I think is the best. I did some research online and found one page online which seemed to have good information about a lot of different clippers. I looked up additional information on all the ones they recommended. I was surprised they didn't recommend "1" Wahl clipper. Seemed strangely odd as this is the only company I remember from when I was a child and I was surprised they couldn't even recommend "one" from Wahl. After some thought I decided that I should go over the line-up the Wahl had. Money was no issue as I was set on getting the best cordless clipper available regardless of the brand or price--I just wanted the best as this would be something I knew I'd use for many years to come. I understood that I probably would be sacrificing some power for cordless portability and I was ok with that realization, but otherwise I wanted a quality clipper. Finally decided upon this one after looking at probably every clipper on the market that I could find out information about online. Ordered and It quickly arrived and I was just as impressed as I had anticipated. You can read the description to find out everything about this clipper as it is as the description says. I love the different attachments, the ease of cleaning (which I don't think they pointed out clear enough), the very compact size which is perfect for traveling, long battery life, and the look / design of it. The feel is very nice although I think it feels a bit too small in the hand although I am probably just use to larger clippers so I am sure I'll get use to it in time. The stainless steel design is nice looking but feels a bit like it might slip from my hands too easily. They do offer a rubberized version but I feared that over time the rubber part of that would be worn off or ratty looking or be more difficult to clean so I went with a more long term choice with this one. The power adaptor on this is universal and adjusts power depending upon the power input. Very important for me as before I had to select the correct clipper power input according to what country I was traveling to. This one will work anywhere in the world. Very important for me. Now the best part about sticking to Wahl. I have heard their customer service is great, but I never had to use it until now. They messed up and sent 2 of the detailer adaptors and omitted the nose trimmer which I wanted. I called Wahl directly using the phone number provided with the clippers and the lady answering the phone was way beyond nice and helpful. She quickly got my information and said they'd send the missing item via Priority mail at no cost. 2 days latter it was here. It wasn't just the fact that they took care of the problem, but she was sooooo nice, helpful, and also didn't ask me a lot of unneeded questions. The service reminded me of the type of service Apple use to be known for. I understand mistakes happen. Not only just the possibility of getting a wrong accessory but even though they test all items I am sure it's possible to get a defective item. Sh*t happens. But the piece of mind knowing that Wahl will very quickly and professionally take care of any problem is such a nice bonus that I will NEVER even think about buy any other brand and I will recommend this company to anyone looking for a clipper. This company has been around for a long time, is an American company (important for me), and has American quality customer service but not just that but top quality American style customer service. I could tell just by talking to the lady on the phone that they obviously train their customer service staff very good and give them the power and authority to "just take care of problems" instead of having to get stuff approved. She had my problem solved so fast and the missing item at my house very quickly. Other minor things. I also liked the small size of the power adaptor, the very stylish holder for the clipper (surprised they didn't show that in the ad as it's very nice and is stainless steal holder). Almost perfect little item. I always like to think about what I would change if I had designed a product. If I can't think of much I then know it's a great product. With this there are the issues about the small size and the feeling that I might drop it, but those are things I probably wouldn't change as I think I'll get use to them and the trade-off might not be work it if those things were changed. Yet, I would like to have an adjustable blade instead of having to use all the attachments. Adjustable like the larger Wahl clippers. Probably more difficult to design for that with the small size of this unit but that's about the only thing I can think of that I believe is realistic and would improve this almost perfect item. More power of course, but I knew it wouldn't be as powerful as a larger corded clipper, yet I understand this is not a realistic request of a small battery operated clipper. Furthermore, it is as powerful as I anticipated. It cuts my hair just fine (not at easy as my larger corded Wahls, but satisfactorily enough that it works and I don't think I'll feel the need to use my other clippers. I am a Black man also with thick difficult to cut hair and it works fine for me so should work for anyone. I can not recommend this item, their other items and company more.
Reviewed on August 06, 2022
Used for a medium beard. The battery life is excellent. With once to twice weekly use, I have not charged it in over a month. There's an issue with the charging/power off button I saw ahead of time, but the work around is just plugging it in and charging it. The product feels heavy in the hand for it's small frame. It doesn't feel Chinese, despite being so. There are no more true made in America products in this market despite some being advertised as such. At best, you can find a 50/50 hybrid assembly/design/components trimmer labeled "made in America," but when you dig in you find the truth. It's like can openers, children's toys, and so much more. I have a feeling this will last about 2 years, after owning many trimmers over the years. So right in the middle. Nothing like my old made in the USA Wahl, but better then the cheapest stuff for sure. The attachments are limited in the bundle. There's nothing for medium length trims, it's 1-4 or 8+. All the components are better than the industry average expectations. Except for the plastic guards; it's a plastic guard and they're all bad.
Reviewed on August 26, 2022
I purchased this item almost three years ago. It does the job in an effective and clean way, and beacuse of that I sold my high-end Braun electric shaver. The steel casing is also beautiful and sturdy. I've tried several cheap and overpriced brands of electric clippers/shavers, and I'd say this product is optimal in term of its usefulness for its price. It's a product with real value, and not an overpriced one. I had issues with the power button twice, and I sent it back to Illinois to be fixed. Both times, Wahl fixed the button and mailed it back to my address. They offer great customer service and they honor their words. I respect Wahl, and I like their product. Many thanks to all the people at Wahl Corp.
Reviewed on September 07, 2022
I got this item as a gift for my Husband, and he is VERY pleased! He was surprised at the quality, and the attachments. He will use this for many years.
Reviewed on August 19, 2022
I love this. Way better than my last one. easy to use, does a much better job at getting close to the skin. Feels better in my hands when using. Just a quality piece in general. I would purchase this item again. Dave
Reviewed on August 16, 2022
This comes in a bag larger than it needed to be, but that's about the only bad thing about it. The heads are easily interchangeable when you make sure you don't have the guard on while trying to do it. :) Works great, happy I went with this brand.
Reviewed on September 10, 2022
Metric system is hard.
Reviewed on August 07, 2022
Love this trimmer. This replaced my original Wahl trimmer that lasted 10 years. Battery lasts forever and does not lose charge while sitting. The attachment mountings have not changed so able to continue using old attachments for added value of my original purchase. All in all, this compact shaver/trimmer is all you need for a tight close shave and trim.